Waiting, not knowing, is half the battle

For those of you wondering what’s taking me so long to get the next part of Ripple posted, I give you these 3 excuses:

1) This next part is proving to be more difficult to write than I expected. I know what I want to say and it adds what I think is a cool piece to the puzzle/mythology of the story but… finding the right tone is proving to be difficult. I am trying to tone down my attempts at humor since its a serious topic and thus I had to scrap about half of it and I am in the process of rewriting it now.

2) Diablo 3

3) Diablo 3

Seriously, I have a love/hate relationship with Blizzard. They make the greatest games (well except for WoW) but damn they are a sucking void for my free time and my creativity. This Diablo 3 infection should die down soon enough with proper bed-rest and plenty of fluids though.

PS: I find it rather goofy that the spellchecker keeps red-lining Diablo. Its a freaking proper name dammit!


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