Yeah I’m gonna weigh in – Sexism in Video Games

OK, enough with the reams of stupid out there! Ms. Sarkeesian seems to have stirred up quite a hornets nest of vile and disgusting misogyny. But to those who think that it’s fine to defend the status quo let me give you a simple thought experiment to try:

Imagine that the best game ever in your genre has just been released. It had insane buzz during production and now it has been released to accolades from all corners of the gaming world. 5 stars this and 10 outta 10 that, its just crazy. But here is your dilemma, the main character featured prominently on the front cover is 6′ tall, buff, with long blond hair wearing a bright red thong and sandals and is oily from head to toe (using specially designed OIL-TECH technology specifically for this game). Oh and he wields a whip and is very gay (in fact it drives much of the “plot” of the game). Would you buy that game despite this character because its so damn fantastic otherwise?

Your answer really doesn’t matter because here’s the thing: Every woman gamer has to make that choice with 90% of games that actually exist! Unless she wants to play games like Tetris and Civilization all her life she is stuck with that same choice over and over again. To appeal to a specific demographic the game companies are alienating 50% of the population, in the end greed will win out over sexism. It won’t be rants and raves from feminists, it will be simple greed. The larger you make your audience the greater your profits. Bioware has already figured this out and it looks like Blizzard had with Diablo III somewhat. And no, this won’t make games suck it will make them more varied and complex. It’s not like there are technological limitations on character identities, after all.


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