The Magic Earth Campaign Part 2 – Cosmology

DISCLAIMER : I know that my interpretation of the major world religions may offend some people. To those people I apologize for any offense given but just remember this: IT’S ONLY A GAME. I don’t claim to be a Theologian or Biblical Scholar so there is bound to be some unintended inaccuracies, But there is also some inaccuracies in place for game play purposes, after all the older pagan religions need to be on an equal footing or just like in the real world the Abrahamaic religions would win out. So without further adieu… The Cosmology of Magic Earth!

The Magic Earth Campaign Gazetteer: Cosmology

Abrahamaic Religions

The mystic realms of the three Abrahamaic religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, consist of 5 regions.
Heaven – Home of God/Allah/Yahweh and the Angels. Final resting place of Good souls from all 3 religions.
7 Circles of Hell – Home of Satan and the Devils (also known as Fallen Angels). Hell is the final reward for all Evil souls that die within the borders of an Abrahamaic nation.
The Abyss – Home of the ancient race of Demons. Demons are Evil entities that pre-date the creation of Earth, they are the original denizens of the Void.
Purgatory – This realm acts as a holding area for souls before it is determined which final rest they deserve. Good souls that are not ready to move on to Heaven can also be found here. This is also the final resting place of Neutral souls.
Limbo – The final resting place of the Unbaptized (in belief systems where baptism is required to cleanse a mortal of Original Sin). This is also where Good pagans go when they die within the borders of an Abrahamaic nation.

The Three Aspects
Yahweh – The oldest aspect worshiped by Man. This is the mystical and philosophical aspect. Enlightenment must be pursued individually. Rabbis teach the Word of Yahweh hoping to bring Enlightenment to those that wish it. To go forth and be fruitful works well also. Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
God – The aspect who’s avatar was Jesu Christos. This is the aspect of the community. To bring Enlightenment one must be evangelical and bring as many into the fold as possible. Thus the ability to Convert Nations. Favoured Weapon: Mace (any)
Allah – The aspect who’s avatar was Mohammed. One must go forth to spread the Word of Allah. If that means a land must be conquered to show it’s people the Truth, then so be it. Favoured Weapon: Scimitar

The Aftermath of National Conversion
Whenever a Bishop or higher rank Christian Priest baptizes a national leader (King, High King, or Emperor) it instantly expels all previous deities from the land. From that point forward the only divine magic that can be gained within that territory is through the Christian religion. Of course the drawback to this is that Satanism may also take root.
The newly christened lands are inimical to pagan priests from then on. For every 2 days spent within Christian borders a pagan priest loses 1 Caster Level. For example, on the 3rd morning in England Drabbliu the Druid, a 15th level Druid, would have his spell memorization and maximum spell level reduced to 14th level for all spells above 3rd level. On the 5th morning it would 13th level, on the 7th morn it would be 12th level, etc. This never affects the number of 1st-3rd level spells he has because the power for those are derived from his faith in his gods, rather than granted directly by his gods. The moment the pagan priest returns to his lands his spell casting abilities are back instantly. This rule applies in Muslim-controlled countries as well.
This sort of behaviour (mass conversions) draws the ire of the pagan deities in return. Christian and Muslim priests suffer the same effect whenever they are outside their lands.
NOTE: The exception in both cases is when a Priest or Druid (Pagan or Abrahamaic) carries an (Un)Holy Relic of his deity or pantheon with him. This will allow the bearer of the Relic to function normally. If he should lose the Relic at any time the accumulated time spent within foreign lands will apply immediately to the Caster. Examples of Relics would be such things as a Torc of the Gods, a small pebble from the Stonehenge site, or a shard of bone from the body of a Saint.
NOTE the 2nd: Judaism is another exception to this rule. Rabbis may travel in any lands without suffering reduced spell casting effectiveness. This is because the Yahweh aspect does not mass convert populations and excommunicate whole pantheons.
NOTE the 3rd: This rule DOES apply to all other Divine spell caster. But since Paladins and Rangers only gain access to 4th level spells maximum, it only has a minor effect on them.
NOTE the 4th: Fallen Rome is an exception to this rule as well. A bit of history: Emperor Nero I ascended the throne on Oct.13 54 A.D. From that point forward Rome suffered under a vile and tyrannical ruler. He persecuted Christians and demi-humans in equal measure. When the people had had enough an assassination plot was put in motion. Nero was no fool and when he saw that his end was near he formed an alliance with a witch, and proceeded to make a pact with Satan on the 9th of June, 68 A.D. Satan was introduced to the Roman gods and become their God of Evil. As a reward Nero was granted immortality at the expense of never leaving Italy. He has ruled the Roman Empire ever since.
Due to the presence of both Satan and the Roman pantheon here, both Pagan and Abrahamaic priests function normally.
NOTE the Final: Undefiled places of pagan worship that remain from before the Conversion also allow a priest or druid to cast at normal level. An example of this would be Stonehenge and the 300 square kilometres surrounding it. Stonehenge is still strongly connected to both Faerie and the Celtic Gods.

There are only 2 ways to cause a reversion of Faith; one, conquer the land and have the conquering King blessed by the leader of his religion, or two, defile the holiest site in the land in the name of the usurper faith.
The 2nd method does have its drawbacks though. First, it will take at least 2d6 months for the old faith to completely return. During this time the nation will be in chaos and turmoil, and it is quite possible that Christianity or even another religion will take hold during that time. And secondly, if it has been longer than 99 years plus a day since the Conversion took place then the old pantheon will have turned their backs on the land, never to return.

So what of Stonehenge you may ask? Isn’t it the holiest site in all of the British Isles for the Celtic people? Why hasn’t it been defiled by the Anglo-Saxons?
The answer goes back to the earliest settlements of Humans on the British Isles. For as far back as anyone can remember (even Merlin) the High Kings of England and Cymru, and the many nations that came before them, have always been crowned there. To defile it would be to attack the very basic traditions of every Human in the British Isles. Not even the Pope believes his religion should supplant such an ancient tradition. And in fact the coronations continue at the site, but it usually requires a large raiding party when the High King of Cymru is to be crowned.

Celtic Mythos
This material expands and clarifies the work found in Legends & Lore (pg. 33 – 39) and Celtic Campaign Sourcebook (pg. 78 – 80).

The Celts were believers in reincarnation so there was no true afterlife but there was a land of punishment for those so vile that they were not permitted to reincarnate. It was one of only 3 mystic realms in Celtic Mythology.
Annwyn – Land of the un-reincarnated. Home of the Daouine Sidhe and the Evil Celtic Gods. According to legend it can be reached by sailing far over the northern horizon.
Avalon – Home of the Faeries and birthplace of the Sidhe. Every inhabited fairy-mound is connected to Avalon. Legend has it that King Arthur’s final resting place is here, and that through faerie magick he will return at the time of Cymru’s greatest need.
Tir Nan Og – Land of the Tuatha De Danaan, Gods of the Celts. According to legend it can be reached by sailing far over the western horizon.
The Abyss – This is not one of the realms of Celtic myth but it exists from before the Earth was created. Home of the ancient race of Demons.

Gods of the Celts
Lugh – The god of excellence, specifically in horsemanship, crafts and the Arts. His most ardent worshipers are craftsmen, mounted warriors, Sidhe and Bards.
Goibhniu, Luchta & Creidhne – This triumvirate of deities represented the smith, the wright, and the worker of metal. They were worshipped as a single power. Most of their worshippers were smiths and craftsmen, though occasionally Dwarves have been known to convert and some warriors also worship them.
Daghda – The god of community, weather, and crops.
Manannan mac Lir – God of the oceans and all that live within it. His druids must stay within a league of the sea and will only venture inland on missions that are directly related to protection of the ocean and its inhabitants.
Arawn – God of Death. The Druids of Arawn have only one duty: burial ceremonies.
The Morrigan – The Goddess of War and Blood-lust. Her druids must always travel with warriors and battle groups looking for a fight. She never gives healing spells to her druids because she wants those that fall in combat to die.
Diancecht – The God of Healing. His Druids are always looking for situations where their assistance is required. Such as pitched battles and plagued towns.
Math Mathonwy – God of Sorcery. The pursuit of mystical power is all that matters.
Belenus – God of the Sun and of Fire.
Teutates – Britannian God of the Clan and Agriculture.
Camulos – God of War and Warriors.
Epona – Goddess of Horses, Fertility and Rural Life.
Belisama – Goddess of Metalworking, Patron of Craftswomen.
Taranis – Britannian God of Storms and War. There are tales of Taranis and Thor carousing together and entering battle against the Jotun side by side.

Norse Mythos

Asgard – Home plane of the Norse Gods. It can be reached from Midgard by finding and ascending Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. Heimdall is on eternal watch on the Bifrost to turn away those that are not worthy.
Valhalla – Hall of the Heroic Dead. An almost infinitely huge longhouse that can be found in Asgard. Norsemen that died in battle have this place as their final reward. It is also the home of Odin All-Father.
Muspelheim – Realm of the Fire Giants and their Lord, Surtur. The Fire Giants wait for the day when they will be freed from their Realm to storm Asgard on that great day, Ragnarok. Reachable from Midgard only through the depths of volcanoes or in the far reaches of the hottest deserts of Africa.
Jotunheim – Realm of the Jotuns and Frost Giants. An ice cold land that is ruled over by Thrym, the Jotun King. To reach Jotunheim all one must do is sail far into the frigid North, beyond the North Wind.
Nifleheim – Land of the un-heroic dead. Ruled over by Hel, Goddess of Death. Loki has been known to consort with Hel on the occasions he has been thrown out of Asgard. Portals to this realm can be found deep beneath the earth, even deeper than the Dwarves delve.
Alfheim – Birthplace of the Alfar and Drow. Ruled by the sibling deities, Frey and Freya. Alfar live in alf-halls beneath barrows and hills similar to the Faerie-kind. Portals connect all alf-halls to Alfheim.
The Abyss – This is not one of the realms of Norse myth but it exists from before the Earth was created. Home of the ancient race of Demons.


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