The Magic Earth Campaign Part 4 – Cymru

The Magic Earth Campaign Gazetteer: The British Isles – Cymru & West Wales

The British Isles have a deep history and a rich cultural mosaic. Even though it is far smaller than Europe across the Channel, it has given rise to both powerful nations and some of the most powerful heroes and villains in the Known World.

Cymru and West Wales – 850 A.D.
These are the lands of the Cymry, a Celtic people. It is the homeland of King Arthur and Merlin, in fact Tintagel is the capital city founded by Arthur and is still the home to the Knights of the Round Table. The land of Cymru is divided up into a number of kingdoms that all pay homage to the High King Arthur IV in West Wales. Those kingdoms are Gwynedd, Powys, Deheubarth, Brycheiniog, Morgannwg, and Gwent. Gwynedd is the most stable and most powerful next to Tintagel. It is ruled over by King Rhodri Mawr (Mawr means the Great), he is 30 this year. He inherited the throne from his father King Merfyn Frych in 844 A.D. He is a good but impulsive king that has designs on expanding his domain. Powys is ruled over by King Cyngen, he is 42 this year. The other kingdoms seldom keep a ruler for long due to the law of edling; a King may choose his successor from anyone, legitimate or illegitimate. Due to this there has been periods of coup and assassinations. West Wales does not follow that law, the throne is always inherited by the descendant of High King Arthur II (the reformed Mordred).

Native Races
The Cymry are the Human inhabitants of Cymru. They have formed up into a number of mildly feuding kingdoms. These kingdoms do unite for common cause on a number of issues; Viking invasions and English raids are two of them.
Elves also inhabitant small tree town in the larger forests of Cymru. Use the standard Wood Elf rules.
In other parts of the far reaches of the forests can be found small colonies of Forest Gnomes as well (use stats from Forgotten Realms : Races of Faerun, pg. 52).
As in all Celtic lands the mysterious Sidhe can be found in remote vales and forests, their relatives the evil Daouine Sidhe can also be found in the most remote forests of Cymru.
Sidhe – These are the immortal progenitors of the Grugach. They are the lords of the Faerie lands and all of its sentient creatures. Sidhe are one with Nature and also highly innately magical. They only weakness is iron, its touch is agony and to be wounded by an iron weapon is deadly to them. This does not apply to steel weapons (mind you the only steel weapons found in the British Isles are to be found in the hands of the English). A Sidhe takes an extra die of damage from any iron weapon (e.g. a battleaxe would do 2d8 and a rapier would do 2d6). Iron bindings reduce a Sidhe’s CON by 1 point for every day he is chained, once his CON reaches 0 he dies.
+3 DEX, -3 STR, +3 CHA, -2 CON
All standard abilities of Elves.
Favoured Class: Ranger and Sorcerer.

The Cymry speak Welsh, a form of Gaelic, all Cymry with INT 10+ can understand and speak to Irish Gaels and Scottish Gaels. The Cymry get bonus selections from Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon, Hebrew, and Faerie. The Wood Elves speak Welsh, Faerie, and Druidic. They get bonus selections from Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Hebrew, Gnomish, and Draconic. The Sidhe speak Welsh, Faerie, and Draconic. Forest Gnomes speak Welsh, Gnomish, and Faerie. The Sidhe also have Hebrew, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, and Demonic as bonus language selections. Forest Gnomes can speak Gnomish, Faerie, and Welsh. They have bonus selections in Draconic, Demonic, and Druidic.

The Cymry worship the Tuatha De Danaan, the Celtic faith, as do the Wood Elves, Forest Gnomes and Sidhe. The exception are the Knights of the Round Table, they have all converted to Judaism in their quest for the Holy Grail. Since their families convert with them there is a small contingent of Jews at Tintagel in other professions besides Knight.

Gods of the Celts (Legends & Lore 2nd Edition for reference)
See Scottish Gazetteer.

Cultural Class Alterations
Barbarian – Not available.
Bard – Available
Cleric – Available only to Jewish worshippers; see below.
Jewish Rabbi – May only be LG, NG, and LN in alignment. Domain choices are Law, Healing, Good, and Knowledge. Jewish Rabbis may never use edged or pointed weapons. Bonus language choices of Latin and Angelic.
Druid – Available.
Favoured Soul (CD pg. 6) Jewish only.
Fighter – Available.
Monk – Not Native.
Paladin – See below.
Knight of the Round Table – Available to Cymry only. This replaces the standard Paladin in Cymru. To be a Knight of the Round Table the character must worship Yahweh. Receive a +2 circumstance bonus to hit and damage when either defending Cymru from external forces or when on a Quest.
Ranger – Available.
Welsh Longbowman – Uses the same rules as the English Longbowman.
Rogue – Available to Cymry and Sidhe.
Scout – Replaces Rogue for Wood Elves and Forest Gnomes.
Sorcerer – Available.
Wizard – The Cymry have a far different tradition of Magic than the standard studious Mage. If the character is Jewish he may choose the standard Wizard class. Jewish Wizards may also be Specialists but the School of Necromancy is disallowed. Good Wizards are practitioners of White Magic and Evil Wizards are practitioners of Black. Demi-humans may NEVER be of an Abrahamaic religion. Half-breeds may choose to be Abrahamaic though.
Truenamer – Celtic magic is centered on the concept of the True Name. The greatest Celtic wizards wield incredible power through their knowledge of True Names. This class replaces Wizards for Scots, Irishmen, Sidhe, and Grugach. See Tome of Magic, pg. 198 for class details.

Prestige Classes Available
Prestige Classes are only available to natives of a particular culture (for example, only Christian Paladins may take the Templar PrC). This applies to all Prestige Classes in all cultures unless specifically noted.
Arcane Archer (DMG 3.5) Available to Wood Elves and Sidhe.
Arcane Trickster (DMG 3.5)
Archmage (DMG 3.5) Available to Cymry and Forest Gnomes.
Blackguard (DMG 3.5) Available to fallen Knights of the Round Table only.
Dragon Disciple (DMG 3.5) Available to Cymry Sorcerers only.
Eldritch Knight (DMG 3.5)
Hierophant (DMG 3.5)
Loremaster (DMG 3.5)
Mystic Theurge (DMG 3.5) Jewish only.
Bladesinger (CW pg. 17) Wood Elves and Sidhe only.
Elven High Mage (FR:RoF pg. 182) Wood Elves and Sidhe only.
Spellsinger (FR:RoF pg. 185) Wood Elves, Sidhe, and Forest Gnomes only.
Exemplar (CA pg. 44)
Fochlucan Lyrist (CA pg. 47) Cymry only. The character must spend 3 months studying at the Fochlucan College before attaining 1st level as a Lyrist.
Thief-Acrobat (CA pg. 83) Must spend 3 months with a wandering troupe of entertainers.
Gnome Giant-Slayer (CW pg. 36) Forest Gnomes only.
Justiciar (CW pg. 47) Cymry and Wood Elves only.
Knight of the Chalice (CW pg. 53) Knight of the Round Table only and must make a pilgrimage to Camelot in Tintagel from anywhere outside of West Wales.
Knight Protector (CW pg. 55) May be from a fallen House or else have failed a Quest to be eligible.
Nature’s Warrior (CW pg. 63) Wood Elves and Forest Gnomes only.
Order of the Bow Initiate (CW pg. 68) Wood Elves only. Must spend 3 months in the wilderness alone using only your bow to catch food.
Spellsword (CW pg. 79)
Elemental Savant (CARC pg. 32) Jewish only.
Geometer (CARC pg. 39) Jewish only.
Mage of the Arcane Order (CARC pg. 48) Sorcerers and Wizards only. No Truenamers may apply.
Seeker of the Song (CARC pg. 56) Non-Jewish only.
Sublime Chord (CARC pg. 60) The character must spend 3 months studying at the Fochlucan College before attaining 1st level as a Chord.
Abjurant Champion (CM pg. 50) Available to Cymry & Wood Elves. Must study with a Knight of the Round Table for 3 months to qualify. Knights must study with a Wizard, Truenamer, or Sorcerer for 3 months to qualify.
Holy Scourge (CM pg. 64) Jewish only.
Lyric Thaumaturge (CM pg. 67) Must study with a Bard for 3 months to qualify. Bards must study with a Sorcerer, Truenamer or Wizard for 3 months to qualify.
Master Specialist (CM pg. 70) Cymry only.
Nightmare Spinner (CM pg. 74) Sidhe and Wood Elves only.
Ultimate Magus (CM pg. 77) Jewish only.
Wild Soul (CM pg. 84) Cymry only.
Acolyte of the Ego (ToM pg. 204)
Consecrated Harrier (CD pg. 28) Jewish only.
Contemplative (CD pg. 30) Jewish only.
Geomancer (CD pg. 41) Cymry (Celtic only), Sidhe, Wood Elves, and Forest Gnomes.
Holy Liberator (CD pg. 45) Jewish only. Must make an overland pilgrimage from Cymru to West Wales to qualify.
Hospitaler (CD pg. 48) Jewish only. Must study at the Great Synagogue of Tintagel for 3 months to qualify.
Pious Templar (CD pg. 50) Jewish characters must make a pilgrimage to the Great Synagogue of Tintagel and spend 3 months on guard duty to qualify. Celtic characters must make a pilgrimage to Stonehenge and guard it from the English for 1 month to qualify.
Sacred Exorcist (CD pg. 56) Jewish only.
Warpriest (CD pg. 74) Celtic only, must make a pilgrimage to Tintagel from outside West Wales and present yourself to the Knights of the Round Table to qualify for this PrC.
Anointed Knight (BED pg. 49) Jewish only. Must study with an alchemist for 3 months.
Apostle of Peace (BED pg. 51) Jewish only. Must live as a hermit for 6 months.
Beloved of Valarian (BED pg. 51) Cymry, Sidhe, and Wood Elves only.
Celestial Mystic (BED pg. 55) Jewish only.
Emissary of Barachiel (BED pg. 59) Jewish only.
Risen Martyr (BED pg. 68) Jewish only.
Swanmay (BED pg. 76) Celtic Cymry, Wood Elves and Sidhe only.
Sword of Righteousness (BED pg. 77) Jewish only.
Troubadour of Stars (BED pg. 78) Celtic worshippers only.
Wonderworker (BED pg. 82)
Demonologist (BVD pg. 54) Cymry only (either faith).
Diabolist (BVD pg. 56) Jewish only.
Avenging Executioner (CS pg. 24) All but Forest Gnomes.
Battle Trickster (CS pg. 28) Forest Gnomes only.
Fortune’s Friend (CS pg. 38)
Gray Guard (CS pg. 40) A higher order within the Knights of the Round Table. May only join through invitation. Exploits above and beyond the call of duty in service to King and the whole of Cymru almost certainly will gain you an invitation.
Magical Trickster (CS pg. 45) Forest Gnomes only.
Malconvoker (CS pg. 48) Jewish Wizards only.
Spellwarp Sniper (CS pg. 64)
Uncanny Trickster (CS pg. 67) Forest Gnomes only.

Cultural Weapon Substitution & Restrictions
The following weapons are not found in Cymru:
Crossbow (Any), Kukri ,Spiked Armour, Rapier, Scimitar, Trident, Falchion, Glaive, Guisarme, Ranseur, Kama, Nunchaku, Sai, Siangham, Orc Double Axe, Spiked Chain, Dwarven Urgrosh, Dwarven War-Axe, Bolas, Shuriken

The following cultural substitutes must be specified whenever a native takes Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization. If he uses any other form of that weapon he does not gain the bonuses from his feats.

Kledyv = Shortsword
Tuck = Longsword
Lowland Sword = Greatsword
Mallet = Maul
Boar Spear = Longspear


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