D20 Modern Horror Teaser 2 – The Field Researcher

Writing this game is proving to be a long and tedious process unfortunately. My work schedule isn’t helping matters, either. In the mean time, here is another character class to stave off anyone’s curiosity for the final product. So without further ado …. THE FIELD RESEARCHER!

1.3.1 Field Researcher

In the quest for knowledge you have to get your hands dirty (and no that wasn’t a play on words). This Protagonist has a passion for science and putting theory into practice. Field Researchers tend to be loners and self-reliant combined with a keen and insightful intellect. Inspirations: Angus MacGyver, Mary Elizabeth Winstead from The Thing Prequel, Finn Carter from Tremors, and of course Indiana Jones.

PRIME REQUISITES – A high INT is essential for delving into the secrets …out there. A good DEX and WIS also prove useful.

PROTAGONIST ALIGNMENT – Field Researchers are guided by the Scientific Method and see the underlying that provides. All Field Researchers are Lawful in alignment.


PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER – These Protagonists are loners and mavericks by nature and their mental afflictions reflect that fact. A Field Researcher chooses from one of the following disorders: Phobia or Mania, Mood Disorder, Anxiety Disorder or an Obsessive / Compulsive Disorder.

CLASS SKILLS – All Field Researchers start with Latin (Rank 4) as a spoken and written language. Balance, Bluff (Archaeologist only), Climb, Concentration, Craft (Pharmaceutical – Medical Examiner / Coroner , Cryptozoologist and Biologist only, Electronic and Mechanical – Parapsychologist only), Decipher Script (Archaeologist / Anthropologist and Parapsychologist only), Disable Device (Archaeologist only), Disguise (Anthropologist only), Drive, Escape Artist (Archaeologist / Anthropologist and Parapsychologist / Cryptozoologist only), Forgery (Anthropologist only), Gamble (Archaeologist only), Gather Information, Handle Animal, Hide (Archaeologist / Anthropologist only), Investigate, Jump, Knowledge (Anatomy (Human) – Medical Examiner / Coroner only, Arcane Lore – Parapsychologist only, Archaeology – Archaeologist only, Anthropology – Anthropologist only, Behavioural Sciences – Anthropologist only, Earth and Life Sciences – Biologist and Cryptozoologist only, History – Archaeologist / Anthropologist only. Theology and Philosophy – Archaeologist/ Anthropologist and Parapsychologist only), Listen, Navigate, Pilot, Profession, Repair, Ride, Read / Write & Speak Language, Research, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, and Treat Injury (Medical Examiner / Coroner only).
Skill Points at 1st Level: (7 + Int modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (7 + Int modifier)

FEATS – Field Researchers start with 2 Feats at 1st level and then 1 feat every level divisible by 3 (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc). Aircraft Operation, Alertness, Archaic Weapon Proficiency (Archaeologist / Anthropologist only), Armour Proficiency (Light only), Athletic, Attentive, Brawl (and related feats), Cautious (Archaeologist only), Confident (Archaeologist only), Deceptive (Archaeologist / Anthropologist only), Dodge only, Educated, Endurance, Focused, Gearhead, Great Fortitude, Guide, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile, Personal Firearms Proficiency only, Point Blank Shot only, Power Attack  only, Quick Draw, Quick Reload, Renown, Run, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Stealthy, Studious, Surface Vehicle Operation, Toughness, Track (Cryptozoologist only), Trustworthy, and Windfall.

CLASS FEATURES – At 1st level each Field Researcher receives a bonus feat : Archaeologist / Anthropologist starts with Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Medical Examiner / Coroner starts with Surgery, Parapsychologists start with Builder, Biologists and Cryptozoologists start with Animal Affinity. Bonus Features : At 2nd level the Field Researcher gains the Weapon Smarts ability (he may apply his INT mod instead of STR mod for melee weapons to hit bonus and instead of DEX mod for ranged weapons). At 4th level the Field Researcher achieves Defensive Smarts : he may replace his DEX bonus with his INT bonus for Reflex saves and Armour Bonus purposes. At 5th level the MacGyver Effect kicks in, whenever the Field Researcher is under a time limit for imminent death all INT based skills have their ranks doubled until the time runs down or the Field Researcher dies. At 7th level the Field Researcher learns Tactical Smarts and may now apply his INT as a damage bonus to his attacks instead of the standard Stat Bonus (whichever is greater). At 8th level the Greater MacGyver Effect occurs, the ranks are now tripled for INT based skills during time limited life-or-death situations.

SAVE TABLES (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Fortitude (Poor), Reflex (Good), Will (Good)

BASE ATTACK BONUS (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Average

STARTING EQUIPMENT: All Field Researchers start with either a 4×4 pickup truck, an off-road ATV or a dirt bike. Medical Examiner / Coroners start with a full first aid kit and set of surgical tools. Biologists start with a tranquilizer gun and 10 doses of one type of tranq, Biologists and Parapsychologists / Cryptozoologists start with a pair of low-light / IR Goggles, and Archaeologists / Anthropologists start with one exotic weapon of their choice. Wealth bonus is 10 + Level + INT modifier.


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