D20 Modern Horror – Classes

NOTE: This replaces the teaser posted earlier!

1.0 Classes

1.1 Meta-class Breakdown
Warrior (D10 for hit points)

War Veteran (Air Force / Army / Navy)


Ex-Con (Hitman / Gang Member / Outlaw Biker / Eco-terrorist)


Scholar (D4)

Field Researcher (Archaeologist / Anthropologist, Biologist, Medical Examiner / Coroner, Parapsychologist / Cryptozoologist)

Scientist (Astronomer, Physicist, Historian, Psychologist, Geneticist, Chemist, Cryptologist / Symbologist)

Occultist *class access to insanity skills

Ex-Doctor (Surgeon / Psychiatrist)

Holy Man (Catholic Priest, Rabbi, Buddhist Monk, Druid / Wiccan Priestess)

Conspiracy Theorist *class access to insanity skills

Rogue (D8)

Investigator (Private Detective, Journalist / Blogger)

Ex-Con (Burglar, Wheelman, Black Bloc)

Juvenile Delinquent


Entertainer (Musician, Actor, Stand-Up Comic, Stage Magician)

Psychic (D6)

Physical Psychic (Cryokinetic, Pyrokinetic, Telekinetic)

Mentalist (Pusher, Sensitive, Telepath)


Victim (D6?)


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