D20 Modern Horror – Rogues Part 2

This took wayyyy longer than I had expected. Who knew that kids, hackers and comics would take this long to write rules for? And yes you heard that right, you can now fight the Forces of Evil as a Stand-Up Comic. But I digress, I will be taking a break from the classes since the psychics are going to take some more rules before they are ready for prime-time. I personally have never liked the rules for psionics presented in any version of D&D or the D20 system so I am going to be building from the ground up on that front. In the meantime, I will be posting my take on the D20 combat system … with a decidedly bloody and violent take considering the subject matter. Well, enough of that! On to the show…

1.4.3 Juvenile Delinquent

This kid never got any breaks, whereas other kids were born with silver spoons in their mouths he was born with a shiv between his teeth (metaphorically speaking of course). Having to survive the mean streets with just his wits has made him an excellent Protagonist for dealing with Modern Horrors in all their varied and terrifying forms or formlessness (See: The Blob). Inspirations: Kevin Dillon / Steve McQueen from The Blob (Remake and Original), Rose McGowan from Phantoms, Mr. Eko in Lost (Where do you think he got his start?), all the Misfits, the main cast of Battle Royale (except “Beat” Takeshi of course) and both Gang Leaders in Stinger.

PRIME REQUISITES – The Juvenile Delinquent has to rely on his smarts and quick reflexes to compete in a world of grown-up criminals.

PROTAGONIST ALIGNMENT – Juvenile Delinquents are non-Lawful in alignment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER – The Juvenile Delinquent has lived too little to have his psyche scarred too badly but he must choose between an Anxiety Disorder or an Addiction (Alcohol or a popular local street drug).

CLASS SKILLS – All Juvenile Delinquents start with Knowledge (Streetwise) (Rank 4) and Sleight of Hand (Rank 4).
Balance, Bluff, Climb, Computer Use, Concentration, Craft (Electronic, Mechanical, Visual Art (Drawing and Graffiti only), Writing (Poetry and Music only)), Demolitions (Pipe Bombs and Molotov Cocktails only), Disable Device, Disguise, Drive (Max Skill Rank is 1 per year of age above 15 with a minimum of 1 at age 13), Escape Artist, Forgery, Gamble, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Current Events, Popular Culture. Streetwise), Listen, Move Silently, Navigate (Max Skill Rank is 1 per year of age above 15 with a minimum of 1 at age 13), Perform (All but Stand-Up), Pilot (Max Skill Rank is 1 per year of age above 15 with a minimum of 1 at age 13), Repair, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim and Tumble.

Skill Points at 1st Level: (5 + Int modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (5 + Int modifier)

FEATS – Juvenile Delinquents start with 3 Feats at 1st level and then 1 feat every level divisible by 3 (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc). Acrobatic, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Alertness, Animal Affinity, Armour Proficiency (Light), Athletic, Attentive, Blind-fight, Brawl and related feats, Builder, Cautious, Combat Expertise and related feats, Combat Martial Arts and related feats, Combat Reflexes, Confident, Creative, Deceptive, Defensive Martial Arts and related feats, Dodge and related feats, Drive-By Attack, Endurance, Far Shot & Dead Aim, Focused, Gearhead, Great Fortitude, Guide, Improved Damage Threshold, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile, Meticulous, Nimble, Personal Firearms Proficiency and related feats, Point Blank Shot and related feats, Power Attack and related feats, Quick Draw, Quick Reload, Renown, Run, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Surface Vehicle Operation, Toughness, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting and related feats, Vehicle Expert, Weapon Finesse and Weapon Focus.

CLASS FEATURES – Juvenile Delinquents are the only Protagonists that may multi-class, in fact it is required when they turn 19 years old (since they are no longer Juveniles). They must choose one of two paths from that point forward. Unrepentant Juvenile Delinquents become 1st level in one of the following  classes when they level-up for the first time after turning 19 years old: Warrior Ex-Con, Rogue Ex-Con or Hacker. Reformed Juvenile Delinquents have the tougher row to hoe, they must receive training or schooling in their chosen adult career. Reformed may choose any class except the Psychic Meta-class (the DM may choose to waive this restriction). Reformed Juvenile Delinquents must age to the minimum starting age of whichever class they choose. Naturally, this means everyone else in the group must also be aged accordingly (thus they usually require agreement from the rest of the group before Reforming). Bonus Features : 2nd level Juvenile Delinquents Play Too Many Video Games and thus get a +2 circumstance bonus to all Firearms attack rolls and Computer Use skill checks. 4th level Juvies are now very good at Skipping Class and receive a +2 circumstance bonus to Bluff, Forgery and Disguise skill checks. At 5th level the Juvenile Delinquent becomes an Adrenaline Junkie; they gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Reflex Saves and Drive/Pilot/Navigate skill checks. A 7th level Juvenile Delinquent fights like a Cornered Animal and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Martial Arts and Brawl attack rolls. At 10th level the Juvenile Delinquent becomes an Oliver Twisted which means all the previous bonuses are increased from +2 to +4 (Play Too Many Video Games, Skipping Class, Adrenaline Junkie and Cornered Animal).

SAVE TABLES (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Fortitude (Good), Reflex (Good), Will (Poor)

BASE ATTACK BONUS (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Average

STARTING EQUIPMENT : Juvenile Delinquents aged 12-15 start with either a bicycle or a skateboard. Those aged 16-18 may choose either a POS car or a dirt bike. All Juvenile Delinquents also start with a single simple weapon of their choice. Being Juveniles and having no real job usually they have very minimal financial resources. Wealth bonus is 5 + Level + INT modifier.

1.4.4 Hacker

Anonymous, Hacker Collectives, Netrunners, Deck Jockeys… Hackers are all these things and so much more when they are on the Net or the Matrix or the Web. White Hats work to free information for all, to knock down tyrants and catch the worst criminals on the Net (which are usually pedophiles and bankers). Black Hats on the other hand just enjoy the anarchy they can sew among the masses and to make as much money as they can using their Leet Skillz in illicit ways. Inspirations: Astrid from Fringe, the cast of Hackers (both heroes and villains), the nerdy villain in the fantastic Die Hard and Timothy Oliphant’s character in the execrable Die Hard 4.

PRIME REQUISITES – Its all about what you know and who you know when you are a Hacker so their main stats are INT and CHA.

PROTAGONIST ALIGNMENT – Hackers are anarchists by nature so they are always a Chaotic alignment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER – Hackers tend to have the behaviours and personalities of your prototypical nerd character, thus their psychological disorders follow suit. A Hacker chooses from one of the following problems: a Personality Disorder, an Addiction (Stimulants, Food or Porn), a Mood Disorder or an Anxiety Disorder (excluding PTSD and Phobia / Mania).

CLASS SKILLS – All Hackers start with Computer Use (Rank 4), Knowledge (Technology) (Rank 4) and Bluff (Rank 4).
Bluff, Computer Use, Concentration, Craft (Electronic, Writing (Computer Code only)), Decipher Script (Computer Languages only), Diplomacy, Disable Device (as long as it has network access or it works via computer), Drive, Forgery (using software only), Gamble (online only), Gather Information, Investigate, Knowledge (Business, Current Events, Popular Culture, Technology), Perform (Keyboards & Mixing Tables), Profession, Read/Write Language (Computer Languages only), Repair (computer equipment only), Research, Search, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language, Spot and Swim.

Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + INT modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (6 + INT modifier)

FEATS – Hackers start with 2 Feats at 1st level and then 1 feat every level divisible by 3 (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc). Alertness, Archaic Weapon Proficiency (every Hacker has tried LARPing at least once), Armour Proficiency (Light) (LARPing again, duh!), Attentive, Builder, Cautious, Confident, Creative, Deceptive, Educated, Far Shot & Dead Aim, Focused, Gearhead, Iron Will, Low Profile, Meticulous, Nimble, Personal Firearms Proficiency and related feats (video games are useful after all!), Point Blank Shot and related feats, Power Attack and related feats, Quick Draw, Quick Reload, Renown (Hacker community only), Simple Weapons Proficiency, Studious, Surface Vehicle Operation, Two-Weapon Fighting and related feats, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus and Windfall.

CLASS FEATURES – All Hackers start with Jury-Rig at 1st level (see D20 Modern pg. 178). Bonus Features : At 2nd level Hackers gain the ability Computer Whisperer which confers a permanent +2 bonus to all Computer Use skill checks and Concentration checks when using a computer. This bonus increases to +4 at 10th level. At 2nd level the Hacker gains L33T Hack Attack which allows him to remotely access a secure computer over the Net without a situational modifier (Network Access has a -2 penalty to Computer Use and Internet Access incurs a further -2 penalty to Computer Use for a total of -4). 4th level Hackers can perform an Xtreem Hack Attack which gives them a +2 bonus now to Net access of a secure computer. At 5th level he may perform On-the-fly Programming which allows him to create a single use program (a virus or Trojan for examples) with no penalty due to time constraints. He may write one program per week per level. At 7th level Hackers are so good that they can now do Meatspace Hacking which gives them a permanent +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information and Investigate. This bonus only applies to human interactions in person, any info gathered via computer or otherwise does not gain this bonus. At 8th level the Hacker is now a Master Programmer and can create Mastercraft software which allows that program to perform its function with the Computer Use skill in lieu of the user’s Computer Use skill (for example, a Hacker with Computer Use at Rank 13 could create a network hacking program with the same Rank in Computer Use so that anyone with a lesser ranking in Computer Use skill could use it to hack a network at Rank 13). For the Hacker himself the Mastercraft software will apply a +4 bonus to his Computer Use skill when he runs it. A Mastercraft program takes 1 day per Rank to write it and a DC25 Computer Use check must be made once a day or all progress is lost and the process must begin again. Finally, at 10th level the Hacker can perform Xtreem Meatspace Hacking which now confers a +4 bonus up from +2.

SAVE TABLES (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Fortitude (Poor), Reflex (Poor), Will (Good)

BASE ATTACK BONUS (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Average

STARTING EQUIPMENT : All Hackers start with a Smartphone, an eReader or Smart Tablet and either a high-end gaming rig or a high-end laptop. Wealth bonus is 10 + Level + INT modifier.

1.4.5 Entertainer

He or she or he-she makes a living from entertaining the masses. Whether that’s through their acting skills, musicianship, sense of humour or mystifying sleight of hand they never expected to be fighting horrible Evil, they just happen to be ion the wrong place at the wrong time. Inspirations: The Six-String Samurai, Thor Mikkelson, The Charlie Daniels Band, Tenacious D, Harry Houdini, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale in The Prestige and Charlie Pace from Lost.

PRIME REQUISITES – The Performer’s CHA is vital to his success and depending on his specialty he will also require a good DEX (Musicians and Stage Magicians), INT (Stand-Up Comics and Stage Magicians) or WIS (Good Actors need insight into human emotion and the human condition to succeed).

PROTAGONIST ALIGNMENT – Entertainers can be any alignment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER –  Entertainers, as true with all artists, are sensitive / eccentric / tormented. Thus they have a wide variety of disorders to choose from and when they reach 10th level they have the misfortune of going a bit crazier for their Art. At 10th level Entertainers choose a 2nd Psychological Disorder to add to the first. The following Disorders are available to choose from for Entertainers : an Anxiety Disorder, an Eating Disorder, an Impulse Control Disorder, a Mood Disorder, a Somatoform Disorder or an Addiction (a Drug of choice, Alcohol, or Sex).

CLASS SKILLS – All Entertainers start with Knowledge (Popular Culture) (Rank 4). The Musician starts with one of the following Perform skills at Rank 4 : Keyboards, Percussion Instruments, Sing, Stringed Instruments or Wind Instruments as well as Perform (Dance) (Rank 2). The Actor starts with Perform (Act) (Rank 4) and Diplomacy (Rank 2). The Stand-Up Comic starts with Perform (Stand-Up) (Rank 4) and Knowledge (Current Events) (Rank 4). The Stage Magician starts with Sleight of Hand (Rank 4) and Bluff (Rank 4).
Balance (Actor and Stage Magician only), Bluff, Climb (Actor and Stage Magician only), Computer Use, Concentration, Craft (Visual Art – Musician and Actor only, Writing – All but Stage Magician), Decipher Script (Stage Magician only), Diplomacy, Disable Device (Stage Magician only), Disguise (Actor and Stage Magician only), Drive, Escape Artist (Stage Magician only), Forgery (Stage Magician only), Gamble, Gather Information, Handle Animal (Actor and C&W Musicians only), Hide (Stage Magician only), Intimidate, Jump (All but Stand-Up Comic), Knowledge (Arcane Lore – Stage Magician only, Art, Behavioural Sciences – Stand-Up Comic only, Business – Actor only, Civics, Current Events, History – All but Musician, Popular Culture, Streetwise, Theology / Philosophy – Stand-Up Comic only), Listen (Musician only), Move Silently (Stage Magician only), Navigate, Perform, Pilot (Actor only), Profession, Read/ Write Language, Read / Write Language (Sheet Music – Musician only), Repair (Musician only), Ride (Actor and C&W Musician only), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand (Actor and Stage Magician only), Speak Language, Spot, Swim and Tumble (Actor and Stage Magician only).

Skill Points at 1st Level: (5 + CHA modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (5 + CHA modifier)

FEATS – Entertainers start with 2 Feats at 1st level and then 1 feat every level divisible by 3 (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc). Acrobatic (Actor and Stage Magician only), Aircraft Operation (Actor only), Alertness, Animal Affinity (Actor and C&W Musician only), Archaic Weapon Proficiency (Actor and Stage Magician only), Armour Proficiency (Light) (All), (Medium & Heavy) (Actor only), Athletic, Attentive (Stage Magician only), Blind-Fight (Actor and Stage Magician only), Brawl (Stand-Up Comic and Stage Magician) and related feats (Actor and Musician only), Cautious (Stage Magician only), Confident, Creative, Deceptive (All but Musician), Defensive Martial Arts only (Actor only), Dodge only, Educated (All but C&W Musician), Endurance, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency (Actor and Stage Magician only), Focused, Frightful Presence (Actor, Stage Magician and Hip-Hop / Heavy Metal / Punk Musicians only), Gearhead (Musician only), Great Fortitude, Heroic Surge (Actor only), Improved Initiative (Musician and Stage Magician only), Iron Will (Stage Magician only), Lightning Reflexes, Low Profile (Musicians only, cannot be the “Face” of the band), Meticulous (Stage Magician only), Nimble (Actor and Stage Magician only), Personal Firearms Proficiency only (All) and Exotic Firearms Proficiency only (Actor only) and all related feats (Hip Hop Musician), Point Blank Shot only (All) and related feats (Actor Hip-Hop Musician only), Power Attack and related feats (Heavy Metal / Punk Musicians only), Quick Draw (Actor and Stage Magician only), Quick Reload (Actor only), Renown, Run (Actor and Musician only), Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy (Stage Magician only), Studious (Stage Magician only), Surface Vehicle Operation (Actor only), Toughness (Musician only), Trustworthy, Vehicle Expert only (Actor only), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus and Windfall.

CLASS FEATURES – Entertainers start with the feats Creative and Confident at 1st level. Bonus Features : Actors gain Unlimited Access (but at 2nd level not 1st), Royalty, Winning Smile and Compelling Performance as the Personality class (see D20 Modern pg. 184-185 for details). Musicians are very similar to Bards from classic D&D and thus their Class Features reflect this (all these abilities require the Musician to use his favourite instrument or sing if he is a Singer) (PHBR3.5 pg. 29-30). At 2nd level the Musician gains the Countersong ability. 4th level Musicians gain Inspire Courage, 5th level Musicians may Inspire Competence. At 7th level they can Inspire Courage +3 (which upgrades to +4 at 10th level). At 9th level they can sing a Song of Freedom. At 10th level the Musician learns the secret of the Brown Note : A single attack action that will allow him to incapacitate and humiliate EVERYONE within hearing range of his instrument or voice (depending on what his primary instrument is) for 5 rounds. The Musician makes a skill roll against his primary Perform skill, to this roll he adds his level. The total is used as the DC for a Fortitude save that everyone in hearing range (except the Musician himself) must succeed at or suffer the consequences. On a failure the victim looses all sphincter control; he simultaneously vomits, urinates and defecates. Anyone hit by the Brown Note can move at half-speed (full speed without pants) but not attack or defend for 5 rounds from the humiliation and the pain caused by sphincter control loss. Brown Note may only be performed once per week per level.
Stand-Up Comics at first blush would seem to be an incompetent Protagonist to fight the Forces of Evil … until you see the true power of laughter! All of the following abilities may be performed once per day per level (unless otherwise stated). At 2nd level a Comic gains the ability to Induce Laughter : anyone that can understand the language of the Comic within earshot will be affected, enemies gain a Will save (DC based on Perform skill check + Comic’s Level). The good cheer gives all allies a +2 to attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. The enemies hear painful puns that give a -2 to the same rolls. This effect last as long as the Comic continues cracking jokes, he can perform no other actions other than defend or move while doing so. The bonus to allies increases to +4 at 5th level when he can get a Belly Laugh. At 4th level he can perform Dripping Sarcasm, these cruel barbs cause the penalty to increase to -4 for enemies. At 7th level he can perform Gallows Humour which gives all his allies a +2 to damage rolls. Induce Laughter restrictions apply to this power as well. This increases to the Full Rickles at 8th level when it increases to +3. Finally, at 10th level the Stand-Up Comic gains the knowledge of the ultimate comedy secret, The Killing Joke. Yes, it does what it says on the can, once per week per level the Comic may target a single enemy and drop him dead on the spot with the most vile offensive put-down imaginable. This Joke is specific to the target and will have no affect on anyone else. The target must be within earshot, at least vaguely understand human concepts of humour, have a standard brain and circulatory system and understand the spoken language (yeah, so no joking Cthulhu to death). The Comic must have at least basic background information on the target (DC 25 check against either Knowledge (Streetwise, Civics, or Current Events), whichever is most appropriate). The Joke is a full round action and incurs a Will save on the target (DC is once again based on Perform skill check + Level). If the check fails the target immediately drops dead.
Stage Magicians can perform Cantrips (see PHBR3.5 pg.192 for a list), at 1st level this is Universal school spells. At 2nd level they gain access to the Evocation and Illusion schools. 4th level gives access to Enchantment and Transmuting schools, 5th level gains access to Necromancy, Conjuration and Abjuration. 7th level Stage Magicians can cast Divination Cantrips as well. All Stage Magicians may cast Cantrips (Level + INT bonus) per day. At 8th level the Stage Magician gains access to a single school of 1st level Wizard spells (see PHBR3.5 pg.192 for a list) of his choice, he may cast from any of these spells using the same formula as for Cantrips per day. Take note that all of these affects are achieved using modern tech not magic, if the Protagonist is completely cut off from the vestiges of civilization then the DM must adjudicate whether the Stage Magician can find the requisite ingredients to perform his tricks.
At 10th level the Stage Magician becomes a Houdini, he now gains a permanent +4 circumstance bonus to Sleight of Hand, Escape Artist, Move Silent, Hide, Listen, Bluff and Gamble. He also doubles the damage of all his Spells and all saving throws against them receive a -4 penalty.

SAVE TABLES (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Fortitude (Good), Reflex (Good), Will (Poor)

BASE ATTACK BONUS (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Average

STARTING EQUIPMENT: Musicians start with a mid-priced version of their primary instrument. Stage Magicians start with a number of different chemicals and reagents to perform his magic show and eventually Cantrips. Wealth bonus is 10 + Level + CHA modifier.


Adventure 2 – The Battle of the Sewers of London

While I continue to work feverishly on D20 Modern Horror I thought I would post the 2nd Magic Earth adventure that my players just completed. And yes, I know it includes a gaming trope as big as King Kong (the sewer setting) but at the same time I made it a plot point and a necessity that the party is actually there. I hope you enjoy it!

Adventure 2 – The Battle of the Sewers of London

Now that the party and the tribe are on the move the City Watch has finally tracked them down. The advanced scouting party has found the echelon and the survivors of the first encounter have reported back to the Chief Watchman. Due to the Lord-Mayor’s rage over the whole matter he is sending all but a skeleton crew (12 men, 3 per quarter are staying behind) to pursue the goblin tribe.

The Chief will send 4 groups of 10 watchmen to the last 4 sewer grates before the tunnel goes under the city walls and down, they will be armed with short bows and ordered to shoot anyone that isn’t one of them.

40 more watchmen will be stationed at the sewer outflow waiting for the survivors (if any).

40 watchmen and the 10 Elite watchmen will attack from the rear while 2 groups of 20 watchmen will descend farther up. The first group of 20 will come down in the middle of the echelon and the 2nd group will come down in front of the echelon.

There is a Shift Captain in command of each strike group (1 for the archers at the grates, 1 with the group at the outflow, 1 with each of the groups that entered the sewer for a total of 3 there).

The Quartermaster for the Foreign Quarter has also been forced to attend the action by the Chief Watchman and is leading valiantly from the rear of the push from the back of the echelon.

Unbeknownst to the Players, the Tribe or the Watch is that the area ahead of the echelon is infested with Stirges (28 to be exact) (though this does explain the reports of large bat or insect attacks near the East Wall). Within a round of the 2nd group of watchmen arriving in the sewer the Stirges will rouse and attack both they and the goblins indiscriminately. If searched, the large pile of refuse that sits below their nesting site will be found to contain 280gp in a burst sack as well as 56sp scattered around.

After the party has dealt with this last attack by the City Watch the sewer will finally give way under the strain of all this traffic and combat. Every character must make a DC15 Reflex save, if successful then the hero simply rolls down the ramp that is formed when the floor splits open. If failed then the hero takes 2D6 damage from a 20‘ fall. The heroes as well as Ed, Ted, Fred and Zed will end up at the back of a large cave that a family of Ogres has excavated beneath the sewers. The cave is 20’ high and roughly 80’ in diameter, it has a single 15’ wide exit that heads out of the cavern for 200’ before exiting at the base of a small hillock concealed by a thicket of trees just outside the city walls. This exit is about a half-mile west of the storm sewer outflow where the City Watch is set for an ambush. The family of Ogres consists of the 3 sons; Ug, Dug, and Bug plus their father, Zug-Zug (he has Max HP). They also have 3 pet Dire Wolves. If the Ogres are defeated and searched they will be found to carry 3000sp, 150gp, a +2 Mattucashlass that they use for a tooth pick and a pair of +1 Great Clubs (Zug-Zug and Ug use these during combat).

Watchman – 1st level, 6hp, Studded Leather Armour and Medium Shields, armed with a Seax, Blackjack and Short Bow with 12 arrows

Elite Watchman & Shift Captain – 2nd level, 12hp, Chain Shirt and Medium Shield, armed with a Longsword, Blackjack and Short Bow with 12 arrows. Each Shift Captain is also issued a +1 Ring of Protection.

Quartermaster – 4th level, 24hp, Chain Mail and Medium Steel Shield, armed with a +1 Longsword and a +1 Light Mace. He also wears a +2 Ring of Protection.

Outcome: The Lord-Mayor is beyond furious and will stop at nothing to get his wife back (alive preferably, dead if necessary). The Watch will attack without quarter or retreat because of this, if anyone of them should run away they know they will be drawn and quartered in Piccadilly Square for all to see. A retreat will only be called when there has been 90% casualties or the Quartermaster is under threat of defeat. The Stirges will attack indiscriminately and at random but the Ogres prefer man-flesh over goblin (after all, goblin is too small and too gristly) so they will concentrate on taking down as many Watchmen or human-shaped party members as possible. Assuming the party survives then the Lord-Mayor will become their arch-nemesis. His problem is that he will be quickly stripped of his title once the King finds out how he decimated the City Watch.

Once the party gets the Goblin tribe to the coast they will build themselves a number of rafts and head out to a small islet that the Lady Culvert knows of. The tribe will try to settle there in peace and set up a simple fishing village but time will tell. As well, Fred and Zed wish to squire with a pair of the stronger fighters. They were in awe of their performance during the Battle For The Sewers of London and wish to learn their ways. It is up to the Players to decide whether to allow them to tag along.

At the casting off of the tribe a wizard will suddenly appear. This is Dirtwood the Glorious (9th level Hedge Wizard). He is here to recruit the party to find the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny before Satan’s minions can find and destroy them both!