Adventure 2 – The Battle of the Sewers of London

While I continue to work feverishly on D20 Modern Horror I thought I would post the 2nd Magic Earth adventure that my players just completed. And yes, I know it includes a gaming trope as big as King Kong (the sewer setting) but at the same time I made it a plot point and a necessity that the party is actually there. I hope you enjoy it!

Adventure 2 – The Battle of the Sewers of London

Now that the party and the tribe are on the move the City Watch has finally tracked them down. The advanced scouting party has found the echelon and the survivors of the first encounter have reported back to the Chief Watchman. Due to the Lord-Mayor’s rage over the whole matter he is sending all but a skeleton crew (12 men, 3 per quarter are staying behind) to pursue the goblin tribe.

The Chief will send 4 groups of 10 watchmen to the last 4 sewer grates before the tunnel goes under the city walls and down, they will be armed with short bows and ordered to shoot anyone that isn’t one of them.

40 more watchmen will be stationed at the sewer outflow waiting for the survivors (if any).

40 watchmen and the 10 Elite watchmen will attack from the rear while 2 groups of 20 watchmen will descend farther up. The first group of 20 will come down in the middle of the echelon and the 2nd group will come down in front of the echelon.

There is a Shift Captain in command of each strike group (1 for the archers at the grates, 1 with the group at the outflow, 1 with each of the groups that entered the sewer for a total of 3 there).

The Quartermaster for the Foreign Quarter has also been forced to attend the action by the Chief Watchman and is leading valiantly from the rear of the push from the back of the echelon.

Unbeknownst to the Players, the Tribe or the Watch is that the area ahead of the echelon is infested with Stirges (28 to be exact) (though this does explain the reports of large bat or insect attacks near the East Wall). Within a round of the 2nd group of watchmen arriving in the sewer the Stirges will rouse and attack both they and the goblins indiscriminately. If searched, the large pile of refuse that sits below their nesting site will be found to contain 280gp in a burst sack as well as 56sp scattered around.

After the party has dealt with this last attack by the City Watch the sewer will finally give way under the strain of all this traffic and combat. Every character must make a DC15 Reflex save, if successful then the hero simply rolls down the ramp that is formed when the floor splits open. If failed then the hero takes 2D6 damage from a 20‘ fall. The heroes as well as Ed, Ted, Fred and Zed will end up at the back of a large cave that a family of Ogres has excavated beneath the sewers. The cave is 20’ high and roughly 80’ in diameter, it has a single 15’ wide exit that heads out of the cavern for 200’ before exiting at the base of a small hillock concealed by a thicket of trees just outside the city walls. This exit is about a half-mile west of the storm sewer outflow where the City Watch is set for an ambush. The family of Ogres consists of the 3 sons; Ug, Dug, and Bug plus their father, Zug-Zug (he has Max HP). They also have 3 pet Dire Wolves. If the Ogres are defeated and searched they will be found to carry 3000sp, 150gp, a +2 Mattucashlass that they use for a tooth pick and a pair of +1 Great Clubs (Zug-Zug and Ug use these during combat).

Watchman – 1st level, 6hp, Studded Leather Armour and Medium Shields, armed with a Seax, Blackjack and Short Bow with 12 arrows

Elite Watchman & Shift Captain – 2nd level, 12hp, Chain Shirt and Medium Shield, armed with a Longsword, Blackjack and Short Bow with 12 arrows. Each Shift Captain is also issued a +1 Ring of Protection.

Quartermaster – 4th level, 24hp, Chain Mail and Medium Steel Shield, armed with a +1 Longsword and a +1 Light Mace. He also wears a +2 Ring of Protection.

Outcome: The Lord-Mayor is beyond furious and will stop at nothing to get his wife back (alive preferably, dead if necessary). The Watch will attack without quarter or retreat because of this, if anyone of them should run away they know they will be drawn and quartered in Piccadilly Square for all to see. A retreat will only be called when there has been 90% casualties or the Quartermaster is under threat of defeat. The Stirges will attack indiscriminately and at random but the Ogres prefer man-flesh over goblin (after all, goblin is too small and too gristly) so they will concentrate on taking down as many Watchmen or human-shaped party members as possible. Assuming the party survives then the Lord-Mayor will become their arch-nemesis. His problem is that he will be quickly stripped of his title once the King finds out how he decimated the City Watch.

Once the party gets the Goblin tribe to the coast they will build themselves a number of rafts and head out to a small islet that the Lady Culvert knows of. The tribe will try to settle there in peace and set up a simple fishing village but time will tell. As well, Fred and Zed wish to squire with a pair of the stronger fighters. They were in awe of their performance during the Battle For The Sewers of London and wish to learn their ways. It is up to the Players to decide whether to allow them to tag along.

At the casting off of the tribe a wizard will suddenly appear. This is Dirtwood the Glorious (9th level Hedge Wizard). He is here to recruit the party to find the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny before Satan’s minions can find and destroy them both!



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