No More Cowboys Dammit!

Trayvon Martin and Sammy Yatim, both innocent teenage boys…and both murdered. And yet in Montreal yesterday the police had a 20 hour stand-off with a  man suffering from dementia that legally owned over a dozen firearms that ended in his safe apprehension. What’s the difference between these 2 outcomes besides the obvious? Cowboys. Over the course of my 45 years on this planet I have read about or viewed on the news countless occurrences like those of Martin and Yatim and it always involved Cowboys, these ignorant arrogant assholes that think that because they have a gun they have the Right and the Just on their side. They were always wrong even when they seemed to be in the right because of one simple fact, a single human NEVER has the right to decide the final fate of another human being. This is why we have a system of Laws and Justice in place, to allow a number of sober and calm human minds to decide the fate of the guilty party.

And while this is going on the US government is trying to imprison 2 men of conscience that could not stand by and allow their country to become corrupt and authoritarian. Those men are Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. They may have broken the law but they were willing to sacrifice their life-long freedom and possibly their very lives for the greater good of their fellow Americans. As far as I can tell the secrets they revealed were not secret to keep American operatives abroad safe but to prevent embarrassment to the US and its allies on the international stage. On a personal-level whenever I make a mistake I own up to it, and contrary to popular belief I don’t lose respect but instead earn it in the eyes of my family, friends and co-workers. It would be a pleasant turn of events if governments and large organizations came to that realization but in this day and age where everyone lets Fear rule their lives that is unlikely to happen.

So I say enough with CowboysI We need more Paladins, Those men and women of honour, high moral fibre and a strong ethical framework that are willing to stand up for what they believe in  and sacrifice themselves and their well-being for the good of others rather than cowboys that simply erase their problems with the business end of a gun.

I know I am an idealist…and I am proud of that fact! I go to sleep at night knowing that I did the best I could by my family, friends and co-workers everyday. I don’t let my life run on fear and loathing, but instead honour and the conviction of my beliefs.


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