Long Time No Type

Well, its been almost 3 months since I posted last and I felt I should end that silence with an explanation for my extended hiatus. After the final push to finish Modern Horror the Game, I was creatively burnt out and just couldn’t bring myself to work on the lengthy task of adapting my first Tale for the game, add to that work and family demands and it seemed as if all that time simply slipped by (…like sands through the hourglass?). In the last couple weeks I have finally been putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard and have started to bring all that material together. I should have something to show you within the week, at the very least the map of the town of Inferno and an initial breakdown of the cast of characters so the wait is almost over.

Not only will you have the Tale to look forward to but I shall also be posting a more detailed examination of the role of the Victim Meta-class both for players and DMs. I have come to the realization that the Victim is more than a gimmick in my game but can also be used as a driving force in the plot of any Tale. I will explain further in due time…


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