Why Modern Horror?

Update: I am slowly but surely plodding through the adaptation and yes it will eventually be finished but in the mean time….

Something I realized I should explain is why? why Modern Horror? Well, internet straw-man let me tell you why. All horror-based games can be split pretty much into 2 categories; either you play as the monster (Vampire: The Masquerade and all its many spin-offs) or you are the member of a secret society / privy to secret knowledge (The Secret World MMO, Call of Cthulhu and its numerous imitators). I’m not counting Zombie RPGs since they are technically post-apocalyptic. There has never really been a game dedicated to the normal John Q. Publics that populate the vast majority of horror fiction whether it be TV, Movies or Books. That has always amazed me since the feeling of vulnerability that comes with playing as a normal human being would increase the dramatic tension of any Tale you run through.

Even in Tales where there are many super-competent types around the audience identification character is always pretty normal (Aliens is the prime example of this). So I wrote this game to fill a niche that I believe was begging for it. This even opens it up to run end-of-the-world scenarios such as Cabin In The Woods, The Bridge by Skipp & Spector, or The Mist (book not movie) for examples. I am still torn on whether I would run those sorts of Tales myself since it obviously means rebooting the campaign if the End does come.

Hopefully, next time I shall finally have the map of Inferno & Bordertown up on the blog.


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