It’s been awhile…

Hello everybody!

Sorry about the long delay but I wanted to do a full playtest of the Tale and the Modern Horror rules to make sure it ran smoothly. Well after months of intermittent playtesting and constant tweaking it is finally ready to post.


This is mostly a chapter by chapter synopsis of all the playable events and character interactions within the story. I found the best way to run a session is to let the players make their own decisions and then modify the story as things change, luckily for me the author wrote a bunch of intelligent characters that took the best course of action in most situations. This lead to the players generally following the storyline without ever having read the book. Having said that, it is imperative that the Game Director reads the book at least once cover-to-cover to get a feel for the tone of the work and to fill in some of the holes that I have left in the Tale.

I hope everyone enjoys the first Tale of Modern Horror!

I will post both the Tale and the Horrors of the Modern at the top of the page.