Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 1 continues

Scene 3 : The Dream

There is finally peace. The rain is soothing on my skin. And she is next to me as we gaze into the rising sun. I hear that perfect music, her laugh. Those beautiful amber eyes gazing deep into my own as I gently stroke her hair with my calloused fingers. Her scent fills my mind and my lungs, cinnamon.
“Poor Man, no world is perfect, not even in dreams. But there is always the striving… and in so striving maybe, just maybe, you will attain a Perfect Moment. I wish you well on your Quest for Redemption, Man, because you have much blood to atone for.”
She points down to the bottom of the ravine, where a river of blood flows. Now she is across the ravine, that dread ravine. She holds her hand out to me, a single drop of deep purple ichor falls from her fingertip. Then I see the cut in the palm of her hand, it draws my gaze until it is all I can see. Then I hear her whisper..
“You must salve my wound, Man. You must salve my spirit, Man.”

A mixture of dread and hope wrestles for dominance within my soul.

“Now open your eyes. I said open your eyes Man!” Her eyes flash and my lids spring open.


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