Fellowship of Fear Chapter 2 continues…

Chapter 2 : Gramstaf

Scene 2 : Gone Fishin’

The gray skies reflected off the gray seas below as the rain came down in a steady patter. The choppy surface of the North Sea was was currently occupied by a single tiny carrack with a single small occupant gripping a fishing pole.
“Well, this is some fine happy crappy you got yourself into Miss Smik.”
Hindral Smik the Svirfneblin, looked up at the sky with a grimace and a grumble as the rain continue to fall on her waxed leather hat and overcoat. Then she pulled in her line from the water for the dozenth time in the past hour and scowled at the empty hook. She looked over the side of the boat and starting shouting at the ocean.
“Five hours! Five hours without a single nibble! Where are all the fish? By Aegir’s Beard all I ask for is just one fish!”
Her eyebrows raised as she noticed the ocean go dark. She looked up to see what could block out the sun yet to find only gray. She was confused for a moment then the terrifying realisation hit her.
“Aww, come on! When I said one fish-”
Her last words were interrupted when a massive black shape broke the surface surrounding her and travelled straight up for a hundred feet before slamming shut over the tiny carrack with the tiny occupant and plunging back into the waves with an enormous splash. In mere moments the sea was once again still except for the steady patter of rain.


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