Fellowship of Fear – Dramatis Personae

I am taking a brief interlude to introduce the important characters of this story. I shall update it as the other heroes and villains stumble into the narrative.

Dramatis Personae of Fellowship of Fear

Sir Denzred the Landless – He is (sorry, was) a Knight Errant in service to the Crown of England. He is considered one of the greatest warriors of England and possibly the whole of the British Isles. After years of slaying the enemies of God and King, he had finally reached a breaking point. After the murder of the Duke of Kent he fled. He is a lost soul in search of purpose and redemption.

Gramstaf-EGL / EGL-Gramstaf – He is the former Prelate of Canterbury and thus the highest ranking Church official in the British Isles. While performing a divination upon an ancient Sumerian scroll he was partially possessed by a Demon of the Void. His powerful will and close connection to his deity allowed him to form an uneasy detente with the Demon and now they share the body of Gramstaf. EGL maybe an evil force but his agenda dovetails with Gramstaf…for the moment. They are both seeking out a small group of heroes to fight a great Evil that they both despise and are willing to sacrifice themselves or anyone else to halt its advance. EGL is a rival for the Evil while Gramstaf feels it his duty.

Hindral Smik – She is a Svirfneblin fishmonger originally from Norway but has washed up on the shores of England. She does not realize yet that she has a very important part to play in the holy quest of Gramstaf-EGL. Miss Smik shares her species’ innate talent for illusion as well as being a talented fisherwoman. Hindral has a wry sense of humour and rarely gets discouraged no matter the task before her. She is especially proud of her large, firm and fulsome…proboscis, and is known amongst her people as being somewhat saucy because of this.

Kilabra Dalsinien – Kilabra is a member of the Daouine Sidhe (pronounced Dwayne She), an offshoot of the fey Sidhe race. The Daouine Sidhe value personal pleasure and fulfillment over duty and caring for others unlike their Sidhe relatives. All fey are especially susceptible to the poison of iron and thus use bronze and silver-stell weapons exclusively. They are immortal race but Kilabra is relatively young at a mere four centuries old, which makes her both headstrong and arrogant (well more so than older members of her race, that is). These traits have caused her to run afoul of elders in the past and now has caused her even further grief by showing a sliver of mercy…

Cedical Basian – An 18 year old Celt from the town of Carlisle. She is deeply connected to her music and the best student the small bardic college in her hometown has ever known. Sadly, the night before she is to graduate to Bard Initiate her town and college are invaded and almost completely razed by a large raiding party of Picts. She becomes a servant to Great Oghma, the Celtic God of Knowledge and Patron of Bard, in return for vengeance upon her transgressors. This act has scarred her deeply and destroyed her innocence.



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