Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 3 continues

Chapter 3 : Cedical Basian

Scene 2 : The Vengeance of Cedical

  The blue-faced raiders at the edge of town heard the haunting melody first. Their expressions were a mix of confusion and awe as their eyes scanned the edge of the forest for the source of the music. Then as the sound grew louder a slight pale figure emerged from amongst the trees. Her scarlet locks shone under the moonlight as her bright green eyes glittered with barely controlled fury.
The Picts’ eyes now filled with rapine lust as their gazes followed her every move. This was quickly replaced with fear and quiet murmurs of protest as they realized their feet were rooted to the ground where they stood. The few surviving townsfolk saw this and as one recalled a legend of Oghma and a Roman legion. They quickly retreated to the few untouched buildings that remained, leaving the Picts to their well-deserved fate.
When the pale figure saw this smiled viciously and let loose the full power of her music. Her slim fingers now flew over the strings of her dulcimer. The effect was immediate as the clay-caked bastards screamed in unison. They all writhed in agony where they stood; with some clutching their heads, others their chests, and still others their stomachs. The red-haired woman’s fingers now a blur on the instrument as beads of sweat formed upon her brow. The tempo and timbre climbed higher and higher as the screams matched the music in volume as counterpoint.
Then the music reached a crescendo and suddenly ceased, as did the screams of agony and terror. Hope and relief had a moment to creep into the minds of the interlopers, though just a single moment. Then the pale bard plucked a single low note. The effect was instantaneous across the entire town of Carlisle. Those clutching their heads had their skulls explode like small grenades of bone and brain, erasing their hands as well. The unfortunates holding their stomachs had their abdomens burst like rotting pumpkins under a hot summer sun. And those grasping their chests had their hearts explode from them in a geyser of blood. As one the Picts collapsed to the ground in a field of gore.
Cedical’s eyes rolled back in her head and she fell limply to the blood-soaked soil, blissfully unconscious…


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