Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Kilabra Dalsinien

Scene 1 : Heading Home

Kilabra Dalisinien slipped through the forest silently, no sign of her passage discernable to mortal eyes. She smiled as she inhaled the chilly night air, she smelled the scents of the wildlife that wandered amongst the trees around her. The herd of deer to her right grazing in a field of clover, oblivious to her presence as she contemplated slaughtering one and bringing the prize back to the Fey Court. Then she spotted the eighteen point white stag that stood guard over them. It’s amber eyes glared at her as it snorted out out a cloud of mist. There was something behind it’s eyes that suggested an intelligence unusual for one of it’s kind. She arched an eyebrow, it was unusual in this day and age to spot a member of the Wild Hunt outside of the night of Samhain. Kilabra stood motionless as they sized each other up, lost in each other’s amber eyes. Then a distant horn sounded and the moment was broken. The herd looked in that direction as one then bounded off into the woods.
Kilabra shook her head in annoyance and confusion. The time since she had left the Fey Court to walk the world had been a time of uncertainty and portents aplenty. She still didn’t understand what had compelled her to spare the life of that Man, but it still felt unpleasantly right even now. Her wyrd had been in turmoil and she didn’t enjoy it at all. Even though she was only four hundred years old (practically a child in Fey terms) she knew that her wyrd was not as it should be.
Her reverie was interrupted by the blast from that hunting horn again. She smiled as she suspected it was the bloody English in hot pursuit of the Man she had let slip through the forest. She was mistaken though, it was actually those pursuing the fugitive Gramstaf-EGL and his new companion Hindral Smik. She sensed that their path would intersect her’s if she did not get moving soon, so she continued her gliding progress through the woods on her way back to the Fey Court. She had enough of this mortal world and looked forward to returning to the presence of her people, the Daouine Sidhe. She smiled with a mixture of affection and lust as an image of her current dalliance, Kargathra Klithorien, entered her thoughts. It would be good to see her again after these past five years away.
Kilabra continued on until just before dawn and then searched for the tell-tale signs of her abode. She approached a massive ancient oak and placed her forehead against the trunk as she sighs and inhaled the smells of moss and dew and focussed her mind on an image of an emerald door. The image in her mind slowly became reality as a round five foot tall emerald portal took shape from the bark before her. She smiled again as her amber eyes glittered in the greenish glow and she stepped through into her home, unknown to her the beginnings of her true wyrd waiting on the other side…


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