Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 4 continues

Chapter 4 : Kilabra Dalsinien

Scene 2 : Judgement of the Trions

Kargathra had barely had the chance to greet her before she felt the message flow into her mind, Child of Faerie you are summoned before Us. She was filled with a mixture of dread and pleasure. She knew she had performed irresponsibly, and yet she was pleased that her misdeed allowed her to be in the presence of the Trions. Kargathra held her close and kissed her deep purple lips once with love and longing before slipping away like a warm summer breeze. Her words haunting her stil, “Kil, I hope we meet again in your next incarnation my love…my world…” A single bright green tear rolled down Kilabra’s cheek as the weight bore down on her at what she had lost due to a moment of weakness.
The Unseelie Court at least had the courtesy to let her dress in her prized griffin-leathers before dragging her before the Trions. She perfumed her long silvered locks and braided them with gold threads. The kohl purple on her lips and eyelids as she sneered in the mirror contrasted with her glittering amber eyes beautifully.
“This shall not go well, I suspect.”
She turned from the mirror and strode from her emerald-green room of crystal and out into the Hall of Trion. Typical of fae-portals, her door always opened onto whereever she wished to go. She trembled slightly as she approached the three dusky-grey eldritch figures at the center of the room. They hovered a foot off the ground dressed in black and indigo robes of the finest spider silk. The ancient Dauoine Sidhe radiated dark-fae power with every pulse-beat of their vivid hearts. Kilabra felt the blend of pleasure and submission and comfort flow over her as she bowed her head before the almost-gods of the fae-realm. Her judgement was at hand and she would face it happily.
“Child, you were to end the existence of any mortal that passed through our woods….”
“The Man slaughtered the hated Duke of Kent, we all wished this-”
“Child, you were to end the existence of any mortal that passed there! We don’t reward mortals for killing each other, they do that exceptionally well all on their own. And we do not show mercy!”
Kilabra trembled in abject terror in the face of her Progenitors disapproval.
“I am so sorry, there is nothing I can do to make amends-”
“Yessss, you begin to understand now Child. You will leave this place, you are no longer welcome in the Unseelie Court. Your wyrd is in the mortal realm. You must pursue it there…”
“My wyrd? How can that be so soon? I have not passed from the chrysalis…how is that…?”
Kilabra Dalisinien felt her eyelids closing, a moment passing as slow as a treacle as she felt her being shift and shimmer.
Time stands still as the Trions look down upon her, knowing her emotions took over, a first incarnation giving in to her fulsome heart…
Feeling herself falling, slipping away as a sudden pin-prick stabs her left palm. She glances down at her hand as she falls through th Void, sensing subconsciously that she has been consigned to mortality..
Kilabra’s eyelids slide open in slow motion, she finds herself standing in a field of heather next to a horse…with the Man lying sprawled at her feet fast asleep. She smiles to herself grimly at the sick humour of the Trions.


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