Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : From the Beginning…

Scene 1 : Negotiating the Beginning

Gramstaf touched the end of his walking staff to the pile of sticks and bark he had collected. With a loud whoomf a merry blaze instantly started. He motioned for them all to take a seat with him around the fire. Dragging noises as a few comfortable logs slid into place around the fire.
“We have much to tell, so much that you do not know or even suspect…”
Kilabra shook off the last of the Spell of Holding as she straightened to her full six feet of height and glared at the priest. Her amber eyes flashing. Gramstaf’s eyes pulsed a bright ice blue as he returned her gaze.
“Kilabra Dalsinien, I ask that you hold you anger at bay until I explain myself. You have every right to kill this man, but I insist that you hear us out first. I pledge my word to Our Lord and Saviour that you may kill him if you still wish afterwards.”
She arched her silver eyebrow and gave a brief nod of assent as she studied the old man, impressed with his power and wondering how he knew her name.
As they took their places around the fire, Gramstaf pulled a small wineskin from within his cassock.
“I have been told by many former students that I was the most boring orator at seminary. I heop this helps.” He held the wineskin up.
“You’re going to get drunk first?” Hindral smirked as she admired the wineskin.
“Hindral you really are quite annoying. If you weren’t so useful….” Gramstaf scowled deeply and handed her the wineskin.
She swigged and passed it along as Gramstaf organized his thoughts.
Kilabra spoke up,”What is Egl? You keep saying that word.” Kilabra watched the old man carefully as she spoke.
His eyes a brilliant shade of azure for an instant and then he returned her gaze.
“I am EGL-Gramstaf… I am Gramstaf-EGL… We are…one. EGL came to be part of me, part of my mind and soul. In so doing, he imparted knoweldge. This knowledge will allow us to save the Gods…and mortals.”
“Yes, but that does not explain what Egl is or how he knows what he tells you. Or even if he is telling the truth.”
“EGL knows all because he is from before time…before space…before life…”
Kilabra’s eyes widened as she recalled a legend of her people. Something told to children to punish them. She instantly drew her swords and placed them at his throat in one mercurial motion.
“I know what you are old man! Egl is a Demon of the Void!”
The other two stumbled backwards as they both stared in wide-eyed shock and fear.
“Hmm, maybe I should explain…” Gramstaf grinned as his eyes twinkled blue as he gazed up at Kilabra.


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