Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 5 continues…

Chapter 5 : From the Beginning…

Scene 2 : Explanations at Knifepoint

“Kilabra is correct, EGL is a Demon of the Void. But you have to understand that there are more Demons of the Void than there are stars in the sky. If they ever escaped their prison en masse they would fill the universe up. And because of this sheer number not all of them are truly Evil.”
“Not truly Evil? What, some of them are only a little bit Evil? A smidge Evil perhaps?” Hindral smirked again as she watched Gramstaf shifting uncomfortably on his log.
“You see, dear Hindral, the Demons of the Void have a multiplicity of forms. In all there infinite number there are no two that look alike. But EGL is a member of The Empty. The Empty have no form whatsoever, they are without form or substance, creatures of pure mind and will. They are not Evil, they are cursed.”
The trio watching him had varying degrees of disbelief in their expressions. Still uncertain whether to kill him outright or just leave the poor insane fool here in the middle of the wilderness.
“I can tell by your looks that you don’t believe me. How could ineffable Evil not be Evil but instead be cursed? I know it sounds like the ravings of a madman.'”
“That’s a fair assessment, priest.” Kilabra cracked wise.
“Kilabra, you have to understand one thing about being noncorporeal, the crux of being without form… You cannot touch….or taste…or feel anything….forever. The only means to that end is through possession. They take control of a mortal and ride that body until it gives out, then they move onto the next. They do not hate mortals, they need them.”
“Okay, so they don’t want to end us all. But that doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, being possessed for the rest of your life, unable to control anything you do. Sounds like a form of personal Hell in fact.” Denzred finally spoke up from the depths of his despair, even he was becoming curious about this ridiculous situation.
“But that begs the question, how is it that  you still have control, Prelate?”
“EGL made the mistake of becoming embedded in an ancient Sumerian scroll-trap, laid specifically to pull in a member of The Empty. And since only a powerful member of the Faith could decipher it, he was released into a powerful mind and will…mine. He can never take complete control but he is here with me for the rest of my life. He does not think that will be too long due to my obvious age, so he can be patient. After all, he waited millenia to be released, what’s another 20 years to an immortal such as him?”
“Fair enough, Grammy, but what compelled him to gather us all together?”
“Well, Hindral, he absolutely does not want the World to End. Because that’s where are the mortals live and he can’t have that now can he?”
“Umm, is no the right answer?”
“Exactly! And you see, EGL has been gifted with prescience. He knows what is to come and he has an idea of how to prevent this horrible outcome. For this quest he needs all of us and one more. But first, I have to give you a brief history of the Gods and the Beginning of the World…”


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