Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 5 continues…

Chapter 5 : From the Beginning…

Scene 3 : How the World Began

“Before anything, there was the Void. The nothingness was infinite and eternal, filled with Demons. All was formless and without change, until suddenly and without warning form and change occurred. The Gods came into being and with awareness came desires. These desires are beyond human ken, they are the needs and wants that our’s are a pale reflection of. They desired to create, to destroy, to love, to hate…and in so doing they willed the World into existence. For without a place to be, they cannot create…or destroy. The Gods did not come into being all at once but in groups, we know them as the various pantheons…Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek, and Christian. They only created the World in pieces, suspended within the Void. When the Pantheons encountered each other they fought, they warred upon one another using incomprehensible energies to destroy vast expanses of space, time and void. They slowly came to the dawning realization that they were truly eternal, they could not eradicate each other but they could destroy each other’s realms. After eons of this seemingly endless war they had exhausted this desire, to destroy each other. Thus The Great Accord came into being; a pact that brought a lasting peace and also brought the pieces of the World together. The Gods looked down upon what they had wrought and were pleased.
But then they realized this place was without purpose…empty. So each Pantheon set about creating creatures that embodied themselves. The Tuatha De Danaan created the Fey; the Norse created the Dwarves, Alfar, and Svirfneblin; the Greeks created numerous races – the Centaurs, Satyrs, Tritons, Nymphs, etc etc. And God created the Angels. All of these beings were either immortal or close to it and served their Gods faithfully. But even then the Gods became bored, they realized that they had no challenges or challengers. Their existences lacked purpose and so they had nothing to strive for.
The Pantheons met once more and expanded upon the Great Accord. They decided to create mortals, creatures that had free will and could choose which God or Gods to follow of their own accord. They imbued these creatures with a specialness like no other before them. These creatures would increase the power of the God they worshipped, the greater the number that worshipped a God the more power and prestige that deity accrued. They had created Man.”
The three; the Man, the Fey, and the Svirfneblin sat in stunned disbelief. Their view of the world lay shattered by what Gramstaf had already told them.
“My friends, I understand how shocking this must all seem. But it gets worse…”


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