Fellowship of Fear – Chapter 6 begins

Chapter 6: Trudging Towards Destiny

Scene 1 : Meeting Cedical

Hindral gazed up at the small human female, impressed by the size of her mount.
“So who are you supposed to be?”
The young woman played a few notes on her dulcimer, Cedical Basian.
“Did I just hear that right? Did her instrument just say her name?” Hindral looked back at her companions in confusion.
Yes, Cedical plucked a couple more strings.
“But how? Thatis impossible!” Hindral stepped closer as the white stag pawed the earth and begin to graze calmly.
The Great Oghma taught me. I am mute. He taught me a great many things…
“”This is incredible! I’m not sure how that is even possible but-”
“Did you say the Great Oghma taught you?” Kilabra looked at Cedical quizzically.
Yes, but there’s no time to explain.
Cedical pointed toward the forest where a pack of dire lynxes with distinctive glowing red eyes were slinking towards them. Denzred swiftly drew his long sword as Kilabra set herself ready for the oncoming attack with her bronze estocs at the ready.
Hindral took a step back as she whispered,”Oh shi-”
The wolves leapt…


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