Combat Effects by Body Part

5.6 Combat Effects by Body Part
The effects of Double Max and Crits are organized by body location with more specific effects based on the damage type. These types consist of Slice, Pierce, Crush, Gunshot, Fire, Acid, and Rip / Tear. Horrors may also have even more detailed violence than these categories in their specific descriptions, you’ll just have to wait and see…
NOTE: Rip / Tear as a damage category encompasses a number of different attack types. Ripping attacks include such things as animal claws and metal hooks. Tear attacks include bites as well as ferociously serrated saw blades

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated in the specific injury, if the character is knocked out due to pain they will only regain consciousness once full LHP is restored to that body part (other injury effects do not require repair for consciousness to be regained).

5.7 Intimidation Skill and Scarring
It should be obvious to anyone that has read a horror novel or watched a horror movie that scarring only makes the bad guys scarier and the heroes cooler. With that in mind, Intimidation skill is never affected by the CHA loss from Critical Effects. It is always computed based on the original CHA score of the character. Frightful Presence Feat also is unaffected by CHA loss due to scarring, also the Will save DC is increased by one for every visible scar the character has (so make sure to keep track!).


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