Psychic Power Rules

6.0 Psychic Powers Rules

6.1 Sanity Loss
Any psychic is in danger of doing lasting damage to his sanity and his brain from overuse of his powers. Every single use of a psychic power has a cumulative effect on the mind of the Psychic until he has the chance to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The first use of a power after waking from rest incurs no penalty but the 2nd use causes the loss of 1 point of SAN, the 3rd use causes the loss of 3 points of SAN. The 4th and subsequent uses cause 5 points of SAN loss. The constant increase in difficulty can only be reset with 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep as stated previously. A single use of a power is actually a fluid length of time, every time a Psychic makes a Psychic Focus or Psychic Attack check he makes a Concentration check with the same DC as the Psychic Focus check or AC of the opponent (in the case of a Psychic Attack), as long as the Protagonist can maintain this and no more than 5 rounds without Psychic activity occurs then all Psychic activity is considered a single use. As soon as a Concentration check is failed or 5 rounds without Psychic activity occurs then the single use has ended.

6.2 Psychic Skills – Psychic Focus
This skill operates differently than in D20 Call Of Cthulhu, all Physical Psychics and Mentalists start at 1st level with 1 Rank in this skill. From that point forward no more ranks are put directly into this skill but are expended on the Psychic Discipline the Protagonist has chosen. Whenever a skill check is made for his Psychic Feats its actually this skill that he is using. For example, a Physical Psychic at 1st level has chosen Pyrokinesis and put 3 skill points into it, thus he has 4 Ranks in his Feat (including the Rank in Psychic Focus) whenever he must make a skill check in Pyrokinesis those are the Skill Ranks he adds. NOTE : When an attack roll is required for a Physical Psychic Attack  the WIS modifier replaces the standard STR or DEX mod and for Mentalist powers the CHA modifier does the same. Pyrokinetics and Cryokinetics are Touch attacks even when ranged but Telekinetic are standard attacks. Pyrokinesis uses Fire for Critical Hits on Body Locations, Telekinesis uses Pierce and eventually Gunshot, Cryokinesis has the same effects as Acid due to either shattering or frostbite leading to the slewing off of flesh.


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