Victim Meta-Class

1.6 Victim Meta-Class Abilities
YOU WILL DIE. On the plus side you get the spectacular death scene, the famous last words, the epic send-off. This is truly a meta-class, the player is playing the archetype and not the individual. The simple rule of thumb is that any Victim that starts a Tale will die by the end of it, thus anyone playing a Victim will be playing at least 2 characters during the course of multi-session Tales. If by some miracle a Victim survives the end of a Tale then the DM may choose to have the player roll a new Victim for the next Tale if it is better suited for the story he wants to tell. Inspirations: Hudson in Aliens, that bald criminal in Splinter, Dr. Flyte in the novel Phantoms, Lawrence Fishburne from Event Horizon, Father Karras in The Exorcist, etc etc etc.

PRIME REQUISITES – The initial stat rolls a player makes are kept for the length of the campaign, those numbers may be placed in whatever order the player wishes from Victim to Victim (for example Victim A has STR16, CON14, DEX15, INT12, WIS12, CHA15 then when he dies the player gives Victim B STR14, CON12, DEX12, INT15, WIS15, CHA16). Other than this there are no pre-requisites for a Victim character.

PROTAGONIST ALIGNMENT – Any since if you are Evil then at least the other Protagonists know they made a little bit of headway through your death. If you are Good then you get to be the tragic sacrifice in whatever form it may take. Neutrals tend to be the innocent faceless bystanders of Horror fiction.

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER – Only the Sane are Victims.

Skill Points at 1st Level: (5 + INT modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (5 + INT modifier)

FEATS – Victims begin with 2 Feats from this list at 1st level and then a new Feat every level. Victims have access to all Feats.

CLASS FEATURES – XP Transfer: Even though Victims die over and over their experience is a constant. In this way the player keeps up level wise with the rest of the Protagonists (for example if Victim A is Level 4 at death then Victim B will start at Level 4).
Hit Die Increase: The base hit die for Victims is D6, for each Feat used the Victim goes up one hit die type (1 – D8, 2- D10, 3 – D12). D12 is the maximum hit die type for Victims.
Save Table Increase: The base save table may be increased for Fortitude, Reflex and Will by one level for each feat (for example 1 feat will increase Fortitude from Poor to Good, 2 feats will increase any 2 of the 3 from Poor to Good and 3 Feats will increase all 3 types to Good).
Base Attack Increase: For 1 Feat the Attack Bonus can be increased from Poor to Average and for 2 Feats it can be increased to Good.

SAVE TABLES (PHB3.5 PG.22) – Fortitude (Poor), Reflex (Poor), Will (Poor)


STARTING EQUIPMENT: Wealth Bonus of (Level x 2) + (Highest Stat Modifier x 2). The only limit to equipment is that the Victim must have the Skill or Feat to use the item (plus DM approval of course).

ADDENDUM: At Level 10 (or any time after) a player may choose to convert a Victim into a recurring character. From that point on the Protagonist is known as a Survivor. Be warned though, if you die all progress is lost and a new Level 1 Protagonist must be rolled up.


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