Ripple on the Still Waters of Time – Sample 2

Morfeena’s Second Battle in PWC-15

Morfeena woke with a start. Something was wrong, Steve was asleep on the couch and the room lay in gloom. The clock read 3:15AM and yet something had woken her other than a bad dream. She reached down under her pillow and gripped the  flexi-scabbard. She reset her stim-time cells by tilting her head slightly and flexing her jaw. The room brightened and she saw the faint glow of a red laser-sight painting Steve’s vulnerable form. In a single swing she drew Viscera and swung wildly across the bed as she watched the blurred 50-cal slug shatter the window and slide through the air in front of her as she bent forward. Her amber blade clipped the bullet….just enough. The floor below the couch exploded in a shower of splinters and drywall. Steve tumbled from the couch in a yelping heap as Morfeena continued with her forward momentum and lunged across the bed and over the end with a tight roll onto the floor.
“Stay down Steve!,” she hissed as she lay prone on the floor in the long black tee and the soled socks she kept on at all times just in case.
Steve lay motionless on the floor as low as he could as he gazed over at Feena. She slowly turned her head as she searched for the telltale red line in the air. Found it!
Her gaze followed it out the window and then with another twitch of her jaw she engaged her ocular scope. She scowled as she watched her brother’s Entangled henchman Pearson crossing the motel parking lot carrying a very large gun while wearing his customary mini-plate vest.
“Steve, don’t move. Pearson always seems to find me first but I can handle him. I just need you to stay alive ok?”, she smiled in the dark not very reassuringly.
“Pearson? Who the hell is Pearson? And of course I want to stay alive.”, he hissed in a panic as he pushed back against the couch to make himself as small as possible.
“Great. Stay down and don’t worry.”
“Worry? Why would I worry?”
Morfeena arched an eyebrow at that almost meta comment as she slid across the floor to her clothes and slipped on her nano-camo pants before crouching beside the door as Pearson’s footsteps reached the porch. With a sudden crash and splintering of pressboard, Pearson kicked in the door. And with a single swift swing Morfeena sliced through his leg and watched his left foot and lower calf fall to the floor.
As he howled in pain his forward momentum drove him into the room to fall clumsily to the floor just inside the doorway. Morfeena flicked Viscera as that happened and sliced both his hands clean off so that the very large gun dropped to the floor a couple feet away.
“Shiiiiit! Fuuuuck! Sweeet aggh”
“Shhh Pearson. You always make that mistake and rush in. Now don’t go changing you hear?”, Morfeena leaned down and smiled with bile on her lips as she suddenly pushed the point of Viscera through the center of Pearson’s forehead, killing him instantly.
A moment of silence followed as Pearson bled out on the motel room floor and Steve came to his very shaky feet.
“ok. Ooook. OK. OK OK OK . What. The. Fuck. Was. That?”, as he stepped gingerly across the room to Morfeena and almost slipped and fell in the expanding pool of blood. Morfeena placed her hand on his shivering shoulder and smiled warmly.
“Don’t worry, I simply disarmed him. Everything will be ok Steve. This was bound to happen. It’s already happened 9 times.”
Then she reached down and picked up the very large gun, as Pearson’s hands fell to the floor with a double-thump, and slung it over her shoulder while muttering, “This will definitely help. Thanks Pearson.”
“What the hell are we supposed to do now? There is a chopped up corpse lying on the floor and the screaming was probably heard by everybody!”, Steve began frantically pulling on his shirt and pants.
“And this sort of thing happened to you nine times already? What the hell is up with that?”, as he fastened his jeans and buttoned his shirt.
“Well I guess that makes 10 times but who’s counting eh, Steve?” Feena smiled grimly and tried to lighten the mood inappropriately as she sheathed Viscera once more. She rooted around on the night stand until she nodded and picked up the ice machine key.
Steve shook his head in disbelief at her nonchalance at dismembering this man, but figured he better stick close until he could put some distance between himself and that sword-thing she just finished playing with. As he was thinking this, Feena slipped out the broken door and around the corner. He heard the ice machine door creak open and then she stepped back into the room silently and dragged the heap of man out the door and with a thump lifted him into the bin. Then she came back in and picked up his foot and hands and tossed them in as well. After she was all done she locked the machine once more and snapped off the key.
Feena grabbed her flexi-satchel and strapped it around her left thigh as she spoke.
“Steve you are right that someone probably woke up and will call the authorities but before we beat it I have to talk to someone.”
“Really? You think now is a good time for a nice chat? Who could we possibly need to talk to right now?”
“’Doug’, how else do you think Pearson knew exactly where to find us?”
“Oh, yeah that makes sense. I guess I am just a bit confused since I don’t normally see men insta-dismembered every day”, as he rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in confused frustration.
Morfeena smiled once more in the darkness and nodded to herself in relief as she could hear the panic recede from his voice. Then she took a deep breathe and led Steve in his confusion across the parking lot as a few people peered out from the windows of the other occupied rooms. Feena drew Viscera once more as she approached the front office door and swung it in a silent downward arc as they reached it. Then pushing on the door lightly it easily fell to the floor in two lengthwise pieces. She tilted her head and her aural sensors kicked in as she looked around the room. Feena smiled at the sound of rapid breathing coming from behind the counter.
“You chose the wrong side ‘Doug’. I have never lost to Pearson”, and with that she swung Viscera in a curved arc . Just as easily as the door collapsed, a chunk of the counter slide off and fell to the floor with a crash to reveal ‘Doug’ crouched down with abject terror written across his face.
“I have two questions for you ‘Doug’ and as long as you answer them truthfully you won’t end up like Pearson.” Feena smiled and pointed the almost-invisible golden blade at his face an inch in front of his wide-eyed stare.
“First question, what did you get for ratting us out?” as she quivered the point back and forth menacingly.
“He-paid-me-5000-bucks. Here-take-it! It’s-yours-just-don’t-hurt-me-please-please-pleeeez!” ‘Doug’ whined loudly as he reached behind the remains of the counter and pulled out a worn courier’s satchel that he tossed to Steve, who in complete surprise deftly caught it.
“Don’t open it just yet Steve. Vilayne, sometimes, likes to leave a surprise in places like that.” At these words Steve gingerly placed the satchel on the floor at arm’s-length.
“So far you are batting 100% ‘Doug’. Keep it up and I may let you keep all your limbs… attached.” Morfeena laughed mock evilly in his face knowing that he was already cowed.
‘Doug’ quaked in terror as he tried to squeeze through the wall to get as far away as possible from that freaky sword and the crazy bitch wielding it, he knew he was dead for sure.
“Okay ‘Doug’, second question, how did you contact Pearson to come get us?”
“There was a cell number, text-only, that you sent a message to. It had some kinda whack GPS so it knew exactly where the call was coming from. Can I not die now?” ‘Doug’ pleaded with tears welling up in his eyes as they followed the sword point wave back and forth.
“Just one more question ‘Doug’. How did you find out about me and the bounty?”
“There was an anonymous Craigslist posting that just said to keep a look out for a woman trying to pass WAC Bennett twenties and the number to contact and that some guy named Pearson would be taking delivery of the woman.”
“Dammit now I can’t even count on the money staying the same. Steve, who’s on the 20 here?”
“Well here the Queen is on the 20.” Steve looked even more confused than before if that was possible.
“Interesting. This is the first time I’ve come to a Canada that isn’t a republic.”
“Wait, what-”
“No time for that now, Steve. I’ll explain later but for now we have to get out of here before the constabulary arrives. You were a good little rat ‘Doug’ so I will let you live but from now on I will keep an eye out for you and next time I will make sure you don’t get the chance to betray me. Even if I have to kill you over and over. Understand ‘Doug’?”
“No, not really but I promise never to cross you again. Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!” As he spoke the distance sound of sirens could be heard. Feena turned, picked up the satchel and sheathed her sword in one smooth motion as she headed for the doorway. She took Steve by the hand and led him outside.
“Steve you better let me drive for now. I think you need to take some time to think”, she let go of his hand and slipped his keys from his jeans pocket in one swift motion. Feena stepped around Steve and opened the car door for him and guided him to take a seat as he muttered under his breathe about WAC Bennett and Das Hindenburg. She hopped in the driver’s seat and fired up the hatchback, pealed out of the lot and headed off down the empty street in the direction of Stanley Park.
“Hey, does this mean I won’t be getting any money?” Steve’s plaintive question faded off into the distance.


3 responses to “Ripple on the Still Waters of Time – Sample 2

  1. Awesome work, really gripping, I just read both samples and already can’t wait for something new! Dropping bits of information about Morfeena is quite effective, she is a character I want to know more about! You use Steve to break the action up very nicely!

    • Sorry about the slow response but was suffering from a cold the last few days and I can’t seem to write very well that way. Thank you for your feedback, it’s good to hear from an unbiased voice (rather than friends and relatives). I am glad that what I am going for in the narrative is coming across as I had intended. I have to do a couple more re-writes of the next part so it should be up in the next couple days.

      • Don’t worry about it, I am very similar. No problem, I can second your sentiments regarding an unbiased voice, sometimes the ones closest to you are just to nice. I think it’s safe to say most writers ‘suffer’ from it.

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