Ripple on the Still Waters of Time – Part 6

Morfeena Explains…Even More

“So tell me about Pearson, how could you know him if you only just got here?” Steve spoke up after the double-shot of Led Zeppelin finished on the radio.
“Well I don’t really know him very well. He just happens to be one of Vilayne’s Entangled.”
“Entangled in what? He seemed pretty free to move around…until he wasn’t.” Steve’s expression darkened as he vividly remembered the recent dismemberment.
“No, Entangled as in quantum entanglement. Vilayne somehow uses the nano-meds in his blood and his mastery of laser technology to quantum entangle the personalities of willing participants with themselves. Thus whenever they die their minds are downstreamed to the next occurrence of those same people.” She spoke in hushed tones, Steve could sense how appalled she was even if he couldn’t understand why.
“Let’s ignore for the moment that I have no idea what nano-meds are and move along to the whole immortality thing. Okay, so they can’t really be killed, just evicted from reality is what your saying?”
“I wish it was that simple Steve. You see doing this destroys the person they downstream into. All their hopes, dreams, loves, and lives are snuffed out instantly forever. Then the Entangled meets up with Vilayne and the destruction of another Universe begins anew.” Feena sighed heavily as she once again felt the Sisyphean weight of her task crushing her.
“My god, they murder over and over again and yet it can never be proven and they can never be caught or killed. These people are evil with a capital E.” Steve shivered slightly as he thought about how screwed they all were.
“But none of these people are mind controlled by Vilayne? They willingly do this to themselves?”
“Yes, exactly, and even though their decision makes them irredeemably Evil it has it’s upside. The Entangled were recruited by him and sometimes they turncoat on Vilayne. It usually happens when they downstream into a rich or powerful version of themselves. It should be interesting in a couple hundred years when they also realize it will never end. That they are doomed to bounce again and again as they die of old age over and over. ”
“Well at least there is some justice in the Universe. But how many of these Entangled are there exactly?” Steve look at her quizzically.
“I’m not sure how many Entangled there are but since Vilayne has been persuading individuals to do this since he invented the technique sometime after our second encounter and he also Entangled individuals from Ripples I never visited after that …” Feena let the thought trail off to leave Steve a sliver of hope for the future of his Ripple.
Feena’s tone turned cheery as she spoke up once more, “ But don’t worry, if I can get close enough to one of the Entangled to inject them with my nano-meds it disrupts the quantum entanglement and traps them in this universe.”
“You’re a glass half-full kinda gal, I can tell.” Steve arched an eyebrow at her feeble attempt at optimism.
Feena smiled and laughed lightly as her mood once again brightened suddenly. Steve was slowly getting used to this woman’s mercurial nature and if even half of what she was saying was true then he sympathized with her every attempt at keeping a psychic even keel.
“So why are we going to the University exactly?” Steve asked, deciding to use the neutral term so as not to go off on yet another tangent.
“To meet a friend of mine, the only person to self-Entangle.” Feena smiled at the knowledge that at least one person always understood her predicament implicitly.
“Um, isn’t that an evil thing to do?” Steve feeling the familiar confusion flow over him like a big bubbly wave.
“It would be if he was trying to destroy reality but his motives are pure. You see, Professor Lanyard Browne discovered what Vilayne was doing in his reality due to his purchase of esoteric laser technology, even by Browne’s Earth’s standards. Jeez, talking about parallel universes is awkward. Anyway, Browne realized he didn’t have enough time to stop Vilayne and at the time he didn’t know I was already hunting Vilayne so he vowed to fight him in every other Ripple he could. He happened to be a nano-engineer without peer and used his knowledge, and the help of a couple other scientists, to self-Entangle. Professor Browne’s Earth was the only one I wasn’t able to save. I was new at all of this and didn’t understand yet the depths of Vilayne’s insanity. But I did meet Lanyard and he has proven invaluable in my fight against him.” Feena talked maddeningly fast as she explained, as the memory of her failure intensified her already manic urgency.
“But I don‘t understand why he didn’t stop once he found out your plan. That strikes me as no better than the rest of the Entangled.” Steve had an edge of anger in his tone as he spoke.
Feena sighed then spoke as if about an incident with an embarrassing and socially awkward relative at a large family function,” Well you see Steve, Browne believes that given enough research and time he can find a way to end Vilayne’s existence permanently and across all Ripples.”
“And you don’t agree with him?”
“No. Well sort of. Ok, theoretically what he posits could work but I am concerned that it may also make matters much much worse. But then again, having someone combating Vilayne in Ripples that I miss makes his horrible crime against himself almost worth it.” A mixture of anger and frustrated confusion flashed across her face and in her tone as she spoke of the confounding Professor Browne.
“Huh, that’s interesting.”
“Which part?”
“The part where you are confused and yet comforted by an apparent murderer. Welcome to the club.” Steve grinned and winked at her as the turned down University Boulevard. Feena turned and smiled uncertainly at Steve, she had never heard him be sarcastic before and she hoped that it was not the start of a trend in his Ripple-selves. Sarcasm was to her civilization what a shock comic was to a fundamentalist Christian soccer mom.


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