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Hello everybody!

Sorry about the long delay but I wanted to do a full playtest of the Tale and the Modern Horror rules to make sure it ran smoothly. Well after months of intermittent playtesting and constant tweaking it is finally ready to post.


This is mostly a chapter by chapter synopsis of all the playable events and character interactions within the story. I found the best way to run a session is to let the players make their own decisions and then modify the story as things change, luckily for me the author wrote a bunch of intelligent characters that took the best course of action in most situations. This lead to the players generally following the storyline without ever having read the book. Having said that, it is imperative that the Game Director reads the book at least once cover-to-cover to get a feel for the tone of the work and to fill in some of the holes that I have left in the Tale.

I hope everyone enjoys the first Tale of Modern Horror!

I will post both the Tale and the Horrors of the Modern at the top of the page.


Stinger Begins… The Cast

Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay but work and family have been a priority the last few weeks. Be that as it may, I have finally gotten the cast of characters roughly completed. There may be a few additions later but this is close to complete. I would also strongly urge anyone that wishes to DM this Tale to first find a copy of the original work by Robert R. McCammon to better familiarize yourself with the story and characters. Enough stalling, everyone say hello to the denizens of Inferno and Bordertown!

Note: Ex-Cons, Ex-Cops, and War Vets in this Tale are not actually ex-anything. By the end of the story they will be though.

PS: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! WOOP WOOP!

The Locketts
Cody Lockett – Leader of the Renegades Gang (Juvenile Delinquent). 18 years old, 6’ tall and lean with curly blonde hair cropped short on the sides and left shaggy on top, with grey eyes set below thick blond eyebrows. Has a sharp nose and chin. Distinguishing feature: Wears a silver skull pendant earring in his left earlobe. Owns a red Honda 250cc motorcycle with a maximum speed of 70mph, comes with a pair of leather aviator goggles.
Curt Lockett – Father of Cody Lockett and a drunk (Victim). 42 years old with muddy grey eyes sunken into a nest of wrinkles in a square-jawed, boney face with a narrow, chiseled nose. Has a wiry build with wide shoulders and narrow hips, his hair is dark brown, shot through with grey and thinning on top. He wears it in a stiff Vitalis-frozen pompadour. Owns an old dark brown Chevy with rusted bumpers and a bashed in passenger door.

Mack Cade – Crime Boss of Inferno (Victim/Ex-Con). 33 years old with ice blue eyes and thinning pale blond hair. Owns a silver-blue late model Mercedes. Wears a Rolex with diamonds in the dial on the left wrist and a gold chain with “Mack” engraved on it on the right wrist, has a number of gold chains hanging around his neck as well. 2 diamond studs in his left earlobe. Always wears his gold-tinted aviator shades. Armed with a pearl-handled .45 automatic with an extra clip.
Typhoid & Lockjaw – Mack Cade’s guard Dobermans. (Typhoid Aims for the Groin, Lockjaw Aims for the Throat)

The Hammonds
Jessie Hammond – Local Veterinarian (Field Researcher / Biologist), wife of Tom and mother of Stevie and Ray. 34 years old, 5’5” tall and lithe with a farmer’s tan, short-cut dark brown hair and green eyes. Owns a sea-green Ford pickup.
Tom Hammond – High School Social Studies Teacher (Scientist / Historian), husband of Jessie and father of Stevie and Ray. 37 years old, 6’ tall and slim with a bit of paunch around his waist, thinning light brown and light brown eyes behind glasses. Worked for 11 years at W.T. Preston High School. Owns a late-model white Honda Civic.
Stevie Hammond / Daufin – 6 year old daughter of Tom and Jessie / escaped alien slave and rebel leader (see Daufin description for details). 6 years old, 3’2” tall with auburn hair and green eyes (her eyes turn blue when Daufin takes over her body).
Ray “X-Ray” Hammond – 14 year old son of Tom and Jessie (Hacker). Student in Grade 9 at W.T. Preston High School. 5’4” tall, 115lbs and scrawny, cropped light brown hair with orange-dyed spikes and light brown eyes behind coke-bottle glasses.

Inferno Authorities
Celeste Preston – Owner of Preston Ranch (Entertainer / Musician (Singer)) and widow of Wint Preston the founder of Inferno. 53 years old, 115lbs white-haired with a wiry and petite frame. Owns a lemon-yellow convertible Caddy.
Tania & Miguel – Maid and Groundskeeper of Celeste Preston (Survivalists but with no resources)
Sheriff Ed Vance – Sheriff of Inferno (Ex-Cop). 53 years old, 5’10” and over 230lbs with beady light brown eyes and a comb-over of light brown hair. He wears lizard skin cowboy boots.
Danny Chaffin – Deputy to Sheriff Vance (Ex-Cop). 22 years old
Leland Teal – Night Deputy, middle-aged and pot-bellied with a face like a weary weasel.
Keith Axelrod – Night Deputy
Johnny Brett – Mayor of Inferno as well it’s Fire Chief. 49 years old and barrel-chested. He used to be the shift foreman on the rock crusher at the copper mine before it shut down. On the take from Mack Cade.
Doris Brett – Wife of Johnny Brett (Victim)

The Jurados
Rick Jurado – Leader of the Rattlesnakes Gang (Juvenile Delinquent), brother of Miranda and grandson of La Paloma. 18 years old, 5’9” with a dark bronze muscular build and  jet-black hair and eyes. Distinguishing features : Wears a white fedora with a snakeskin hat band and carries a jade handled silver-bladed switchblade, “The Fang of Jesus”. Owns an old black Camaro.
Miranda Jurado – Sister of Rick Jurado (Entertainer / Musician (Singer)). 16 years old with jet-black hair cut to her shoulders. Tawny eyes set in a high-cheekboned, oval face. She is 5’6” and slender. Wearing a red-checked blouse and khaki trousers, black sneakers, and a small silver chain and heart that lies in the hollow of her throat.
“La Paloma” Jurado – Grandmother of Rick and Miranda Jurado (10th level Victim / Survivor). Mid-80s in age, 5’1” and very thin with long flowing white hair.

Rattlesnakes Members (All Juvenile Delinquents)
Carlos “Zarra” Alhambra – whip-wielding member of the Rattlesnakes, rail-thin.
Chico Magellan & Petey Gomez – members of the Rattlesnakes
Paco LeGrande, Juan Diegas & Ruben Hermosa – Junior members of the Rattlesnakes
Sonny Crowfield – daytime assistant at the Texaco and Rattlesnake member. (Victim). Lean build, shoulder-length black hair and deep brown eyes always with a sullen expression. Lives in a shack near the auto yard, he collects animal skeletons and has a stash of Molotov cocktails and dynamite as well.
Pedro “Pequin” Esquimelas – School senior and member of the Rattlesnakes
Chris Torrez, Diego Montana & Len Redfeather – School seniors and members of the Rattlesnakes
Maria Navarre, Tina Mulapes & “Animal” – Seniors and female members of the Rattlesnakes
Ramon Torrez – Rattler and next-door neighbour of Rick Jurado.
Joey Garracone – Rattler member from 2nd Street.
J.J. Melendez & Freddie Concepcion – Rattler members that live on 3rd Street.

Teachers & Students
Julius Rivera – Principal of Preston High School
Mrs. Geppardo – History teacher at Preston High School. She is white-haired and cockeyed.
“Sarge” Dennison – Brain damaged (plate in his skull) janitor at Preston High School (War Veteran / Army with full-blown PTSD). In his early sixties with very cross-cropped white hair, a moon-shaped face with deep lines and brown age spots. He has an unmistakable indentation at his left temple. His right leg folds up at the knee joint like an accordion. Has an imaginary dog named Scooter.
Mr. Odeale – Shop teacher at Preston High School
Robby Falkner & Mike Ledbetter – Freshman nerds (Hackers)
Billy Thellman – Student

Military Personnel
Colonel Matt Rhodes – Webb Air Force Base commander (War Veteran / Air Force). With a hawk-like profile he is tall and lean with grey eyes and a black crewcut going grey at the temples, he is tanned and fit. Wearing aviators, well-worn blue jeans and a beige knit shirt. Has worked for 6 years with the Bluebook Project. Investigated a UFO crash 3 years ago in Vermont and another one in Georgia last year. He and the military have theorized that Earth is near to a galactic “super-highway”.
Captain David Gunniston – Aide to Col. Matt Rhodes (War Veteran / Air Force). Tall, lean and pale-skinned with close-cropped light brown hair and matching eye colour. Freckles across nose and cheeks. Wearing a blue Air Force uniform and cap.
Jim Taggart – Helicopter pilot for Col. Rhodes (Victim)

Renegades Members (All Juvenile Delinquents)
Nancy “Nasty” Slattery – punk rocker and senior at Preston High School and member of the Renegades (Juvenile Delinquent). 5’10” with a lithe figure and a tall platinum blonde Mohawk.
Joe “Tank” Taylor – Senior and member of the Renegades. Always wears a beat up football helmet painted in camo. 6’ tall, 200 lbs with a craggy face and deep-set black eyes. His brother, Mitch, died 2 years ago when he ran his Mustang head-on into a train while high on coke. 2 girls and Mayor Brett’s son also died that night. Owns a camo-painted 4×4 pickup truck.
Will Latham, Mike Frackner, Bobby Clay Clemmons & Davy Summers – Seniors and members of the Renegades
Jack Doss – Senior and member of the Renegades

Residents of Inferno
Bess & Tyler Lucas – Owners of Sweetpea and the Lucas Ranch (Victims). Bess is 58 years old and wiry with grey hair and bright blue eyes set in a pretty heart-shaped face. Tyler is in his early sixties, big-boned, leathery skinned with a mane of white hair. He is retired from Texas Power and is a semi-successful writer of western novels. Sweetpea is a 8 year old golden palomino.
Vic & Arleen Chaffin – Parents of Deputy Danny Chaffin (Victims). Vic is the owner/operator of the Ice House.
Dodge Creech – Insurance salesman (Victim). Owns a faded red Buick. Has horrible taste in clothes and a mouthful of bright white capped teeth. Rotund with a round face. Big fleshy man in his early 40s with a broad, ruddy-cheeked face with baby blue eyes and thinning red hair.
Ginger Creech – wife of Dodge Creech
Red Hinton – Resident of Inferno, owns a pickup truck.
Mavis Lockridge – Owner/Operator of the Boots N’ Plenty shoe store.
Cecil Thorsby – Owner/Cook of the Brandin’ Iron Café. Balloon-bellied.
Sue Mullinax – Waitress at the Brandin’ Iron Café, dating Danny Chaffin. Big-hipped, big-boned blonde woman that wears too much makeup and has gentle, childlike brown eyes. (Entertainer / Musician (Singer))
Dr. Earl Lee “Early” McNeil – Town doctor (Ex-Doctor / Surgeon). Red faced, shoulder-length white hair but bald and age-spotted on top, a white beard and bright blue eyes. A big-boned and big-bellied man wearing an over-sized green scrub shirt and jeans with patches on the knees. Owns a bright red dune buggy.
Mrs. Santos – Nurse at the clinic.
Mrs. Murdock – Nurse at the clinic.
Mrs. Bonner – Nurse at the clinic.
Mrs. Stellenberg “The Cat Lady” – widow living across the street from the Locketts. (Victim)
Stan Frazier – Neighbour of the Locketts. Big-bellied Texan.
Mr. Nolan – Owner of the bakery
Jimmy Rice – Old-timer
Ida Younger – Owner of the House of Beauty
Tammy Bryant & May Davis – Busybodies, Tammy has mouse-brown hair.
Noah Twilley – Owner of the Inferno Funeral Home (Field Researcher / Coroner OR Victim). Slender and pale with straight black hair lank and going grey.
Ruth Twilley – Mother of Noah Twilley (Victim)
Mr. Kennishaw – Manager of the Warp Room Arcade
Jack Blair – Bartender at the Bob Wire Club
Harlan Nugent & Pete Griffin – Regulars at the Bob Wire Club (Victims)
Hal Clutching & Burl Keene – Regulars at the Bob Wire Club (Victims)
Laurie Rainey – Clerk at the Paperback Kastle (Victim)
Mr. Luttrell – Owner of Inferno Hardware Store
Mr. Diaz – Owner of  Inferno Shoe Repair (Victim)

Bordertown Residents
Xavier Mendoza – Owner of the Texaco Gas Station and a bright blue tow-truck. Husky, white-haired man in his mid-50s with a large white mustache.
Lazaro Mendoza – Uncle of Xavier Mendoza

Religious Leaders
Father Manual LaPrado – Priest at Sacrifice of Christ Catholic Church (Holy Man / Catholic Priest)
Father Domingo Ortega – Assistant Priest (Holy Man / Catholic Priest)
Reverend Hale Jennings – Reverent at Inferno Baptist Church (Holy Man)

A quick update on other projects

I will be finished with all my Magic Earth material once I get these darn lists formatted and posted, but after that I should have something a bit more exciting finished…. D20 Modern Horror. This will be my take on modern horror fiction (books, movies and TV) as a playground for an RPG. The rules I am writing up are based around D20  Modern and D20 Call of Cthulhu with some major differences that I hope moves the standard horror playstyle in some interesting directions. I will also be posting an example Tale (in fact the 1st one I intend to run in my new campaign) based on the novel Stinger by Robert R. McCammon. If you wish to get a better understanding of the Tale I highly recommend you give that man some money and buy the book.